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spicey gazpacho

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

strange weekend. Moira got back from Harrowgate all down due to to really selling anything, she got some interest but little else.

so Friday night we stayed in and sat on the balcony for the night

Saturday i worked in the morning thenĀ  i went along to Monicas the local hairdresser to have my hair styled for the first time in years. with my new hairstyle all spikey, we went to Figueres to get me a tie for Dan and Paulos wedding this weekend and a few other things like food for the week. that night i dragged Moira up to Pepes, to get out of the house and to ask Pepe if he had the Jamon that we were to be taking to the wedding, he did have it. so we sat down to have a bottle of wine when Mark and Wendy turned up so we chatted to them a bit finished our wine and came home, early night.

Sunday we did nothing which was good, we didnt go to the beach, not even a local fair, we popped up to Pepes to pick up the Jamon and to have breakfast then home, and that is pretty much it.

luckily the weather has settled down a bit and its not as hot as it was. for the time being

3 new airplants

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

its raining, and every one is smiling, something that doesnt tend to happen in England. the temperature on the balcony at 6.30 in the evening has dropped to 25 degrees, its almost put a t-shirt on weather again. a couple of nights like this and the pool might drop to a temperature were it is refreshing to dive in to it. been a odd weekend

Friday night we stayed in as Saturday morning at 5.00 am i was driving Moira to Girona airport. once that was done and i was home again, i had a bit of a snooze then went of to do a few hours in a clients garden. then came home for a bit of a snooze then went to Figueres to do the shopping.

that evening i met Mark and Wendy up at Pepes bar for a couple.

Sunday i did virtually nothing, it got a bit cloudy at one point so i had time to do the tour de garriguella back home via Pepes, and that was pretty much it. too hot, and i knew i needed to save my energy as this week was going to be even hotter, and up till now it has been, Tuesday morning i was sweating buckets at 8.30 in the morning. i am sleeping ok though by trying out the advice from Joanna who is from Colombia so she should know. just before you go to bed have a cold shower, it seems to work.

the only other thing was the well pump breaking down, or so i thought, what really happened was the the filter at the end on the down pipe was blocked, i cleared it and now it works great again.

Also Moira has been in Harrogate but i am sure she will tell you all about that.

Ron from Roses

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Fiona and Pat are here until thursday morning, they got here last Thursday during one of the hottest days of the year, and it has been like that pretty every since then.

Friday night pizzas were ordered salad made and we ate and drank on the balcony.

Saturday morning i worked a bit then drove us all to Perpingnan to see Wilma an old school friend of Fionas, wse have been there before, which was handy as when we finally found a land mark i remembered we were able to find her house. Wilma had to leave at 6 which gave us a perfect excuse to not be there to long, i was sent to the barbque while they all reminisced about the good old pony club days. a pleasant afternoon under a grape vine, then a shortish drive home via Jonquera. that evening we took Fiona and Pat up to chez loissette.

Sunday was a day of visiting people, first Irena to view her pool, take her something for feeding the cats and drink ice cold wine in the vineyards. then we all walked up to Pepes for a beer or two in order to meet up with Mark and Wendy whom were going to show us how their house was getting on. then round the corner to see Cerrie and Sonny Joe. by then it was time to wobble home and put the barbque on.

Last night, Monday night Fiona and Pat took us out for a meal in Roses to a restaurant we hadnt been to before but the patatas bravas were recommended. and they are good as is the salad with chocolate and orange dressing which i had, the sunset was in a mood to perform for the tourists which made the evening.


as they say in my country

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

this weekend was hot, but very hot, at one point in the 40s. without wine it would have been impossible to sleep, and the pool is still a tiny bit green, but i have gone passed caring.

Friday night we had plenty of wine. one because we went to the windmill to eat on there terrace which is a lovely thing to do on a summer night, sadly the gazpacho wasnt as good as it should have been, but it wont stop us going again. then we wobbled up to Chez Lissie for a night cap which turned in to many a night cap due to Lidia and her friends being there, they had just eaten and really liked what they got, that went on for a while a mixture of english, spanish and catalan going on at all times. then i noticed a man with a ukulele, i had to show him the Formby split stroke, and managed it even after a bottle and half of wine and i no i havent really got the hang of it yet.

Saturday i worked for a couple of hours, moira helped so it was only a couple of hours then we went to Figueres as i was needing peanut butter and she wanted to have a look at the fair that was going on on the Ramblas. on arriving home we ate a bit drank a bit did a bit in the garden read a bit, took it easy. the evening was booked, a couple whos house ( in the village) i look after while they are not here, pop along mow thre lawn and pulol out a few weeds. had been broken into a while back i had noticed the breakin, informed them and closed up the best i could where the thieves got in. so, they took us up to Pepes to eat as a thank you.

Sunday when we finally got up and sorted stuff, we managed to drag ourselves to the beach just as it clouded over, the clouds didnt last, but it seemed much cooler on the beach then at home so we stayed a while until we were really bored.