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the love boat

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Dan and Paolo went yesterday leaving both fridges toped up with beer and other stuff, Dan does like to shop.

Tuesday night was their last night and also i went round to Cassis, the carpenter, with Moira to sort out building here some stands, so didnt have time to write any blog

Monday night it was Dan and Paolos thank you for having us meal in Can Batlle, still the best Gazpacho in town, a part from Moiras off course.

Sunday it was a lovely day and there was a Zumba class going on in the street by the coop, due to it being the villages grand fiesta and the an aperativo before lunch which is a custom here, civilised. we went to the bar for egg and chips in the evening but he was to busy so we had bravas and pizza instead.

Saturday, i worked in the morning then we went for a stroll round Roses and for some tapas, then home to get ready for the music and disco in the evening/night. which involved pacing ourselves and not getting drunk before everything started, we managed.

Friday night we went to Mark and Wendys to eat instead of going to the football pitch for the mobile disco. i thought we were getting mousaka so i didnt eat much of what was i thought the starter which infact was the meal, i realised my mistake when the pudding came out, so i had seconds to make up for what i hadnt eaten before. during the day seeing as it was a village fiesta i had the day off so we went up to the lake at Darnius for a picnic and a wobble around, Dan and Paolo had never been there and loved it, i also so my old van as the man who rents out the dingies is the one who took it off my hands.

At some point Paolo made us pasta, we ate loads of salads, spent many a night on the balcony or in the bar for a night cap, generally had a nice time, like a holiday but for the fact that i was working most of the time.

english tomatoes

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

last week  didnt have time to write anything, i was working late on the Tuesday, very late on the Tuesday and then Dan and Paulo arrived on Wednesday, Intercambio Thursday with Joana, and then all of a sudden it was Friday, the weekend.

The Weekend, Friday night we went to Chez loissette to eat, then Mark and Wendy came along later. food was good but as usual i woke up the next morning starving due to only eating a few chips and a salad the night before.

Saturday morning we worked a bit, then nothing in the afternoon except wobble down to the cooperativa to get wine for the evening as it was the cats birthday and we were having a barbque to celebrate, they are 1 now, not that they know all they know is that for some reason loads of felix party mix arrived in the house.

Sunday we went up to Pepes for breakfast stroke lunch, a snooze when we got home then eating left overs in the evening on the balcony.