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Junts per si

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Its raining at last, last time it rained Mum and Dad were here, does that mean its time for a hair cut. Cant remember if i had it cut before they came or after.

It was a lovely sunny day Sunday, we went for a walk along Roses see front and had Bravas and a beer in a xiringito (beach bar), it kind of makes you feel you are on holiday. we were supposed to be going camping but i had some work to do and also Mark and Wendy wanted to take us for an Italian in Empuria brava to thank us for holding their kitchen in our garage all summer. that was Saturday night.

Friday evening we went to Pepes before lunch as Cerrie was going to be there because Sunny Joe had asked to go and see his dad. we came home to eat.

went to the dentist, i finally have to pay for my teeth, have been lucky so far. i am booked in for a small operation in October.

Pepes cousins

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

traumontana just when we need it after a hot dry summer, it was forecast to rain which would have been far better.

the weekend was nice though Sunny on Sunday, the day of the villabertran fair when it normally rains. the chhese fair is on as well but thy sell plants at villabertran so no contest, this year i bought bulb fennel, rocket and an artemesia that they called absinte, sounds interesting. they were also selling rhubarb but its to dry and hot here for rhubarb. after the fair we went home to plant and enjoy a plesent afternoon in the garden, then Irena turns up, she had also been to the fair and had bought me a rhubarb plant and a lemon grass plant. as thanks i gave her some lemon grass from my existing plant. i am glad she bought me the rhubarb though, i did want one, and now i have to look after it.

Saturday was Sonias girls birthday, they had it in an amusment park in Roses specifically set up for children, bouncy castles and stuff. something new to do, and it didnt rain which it normaly does for the girls party. we kind of stayed in that night apart for one beer in the bar.

Friday night we met Irena and Tinica, her best friend and Cerrie up at Pepes and had a great evening. Irena and Tinica are a great double act.

no wonder they were starving

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Not much happened this weekend, Moira went to London Friday morning then i worked pretty much all day even though it was supposed to be a bank holiday. i stayed in that night as the cold that was threatening Thursday evening finally got hold of me, so i wasnt up to much.

Saturday morning i went to the market came home had a snooze, went and did a couple of hours work came home then had a snooze, made myself some soup then had a snooze. eventually decided i had to get out of the house so went up to Pepes fora beer after i had had some soup, met Mark and Wendy up there but kept well away even while chatting to them so as not to give them what i had,

Sunday i went to Castello de empuries as it was the medieval weekend there, same as usual but nice to mingle with loads of unknown people. came home had some soup and a snooze then did a bit in our own garden for once. that evening i finished the soup and practiced the ukulele.

no cauliflower.

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Mum and Dad have been here, they arrived on a wet Friday afternoon, to the point that we ate inside for the first time in ages. the weather got better.

Saturday we went to Empuria Brava market as Moira needed to be near Santa Magarida to pick up her photos. we came home for lunch as the weather was picking up. Moira, Dad and I went to do a garden leaving mum to snooze. that evening we went to Chez louisette to eat where it seems we upset Mark and Wendy. temps pis.

Sunday being a lovely sunny day and being something we had thought of in advance, we went to St Marti for a picnic via the apple farm Mas Gos for a drink. we had to wait a bit for a picnic table, but not long, then wobble back through St Marti to the car then home to snooze then get ready to put the barbecue on.

Monday we went to the pizza in Roses as its easy, cheap and mum likes the pasta dish she gets every time.

Tuesday night we ate at home as we hd to get going at 5 in the morning to get them to the airport and for me to get home for some breakfast then off to work.

while this was all going on Mum fixed my work trousers, dad went for a few walks Moira painted her stands and the pumpkin flowered.


Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

a quite weekend, so we went to the beach, thinking that every one had gone home and there would be no problem parking, mistake, there are still people here enjoying the sunshine.

Saturday we went shopping after a bit of work in the morning, then home to do very little. i had my hair cut then we  went for a small walk via the cooperativa and then Irenas for a couple and a chat, which wiped out our Saturday night, we were in bed by 10.30

Friday afternoon i came home early from work, had something to eat then had a siesta which started at 3 and should have lasted 30 mins, at 5 i woke up. in time to water the garden, shower, then get ready to go out as it was music night at Pepes

This monday morning Moira had her jewellery photoed in Chez luisette, the photos look great