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Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

have got home, and now have a cool box frozen thing wrapped in a cloth on my check. moiras been to buy the pills i need, i have read the instructions a few times and now i am just waiting for the anesthetic to wear of and for my teeth to hurt. the dentist had to open up my gum clean round 2 teeth where the bone had started to be eaten away then refill the cavity with epoxy resin then sow it all up again. it took about an hour and a half. i am not allowed to suck or spit for days and can only eat soft cool food so as not to open the wound. 400 euros later, the next checkup and taking out of the stitches comes free. luckily i dont need to get the other side done for a while but it does need doing.

apart from that alls well. we had to put the fire on last night, which is unheard of at this time of year.

Sunday me Moira, Cerrie and Sonnyjoe went for a stroll and picnic around the lake at banyoles.

Saturday i didnt need to work so we moved the living room round bringing the sofa nearer the fire. then off to help Irena cover her little swimming pool and then a drink and tapas at the cooperativa. that evening we went to Chez luisette to celebrate Ingers birthday. their was over 20 of us mostly her family, it was nice to meet new people.

Friday night we went to pepes for salad and chips.


Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

the weekend was only 2 days ago but it seems like much more then that either that or my memory is on the blink.

working back from Sunday, i know i spoke to Mum and Dad. also we went for a walk along Roses sea front via Carrefour and the chinese bazaar so Moira could buy glue.

Saturday i did very little, market in the morning then work in the afternoon. pop to Figueres again because i forgot to get the ink for Moiras printer then home to tidy up as that evening a t 10.30 i was picking up Moira from the train station, which meant no drinking. which infact wasnt such a bad thing as Monday morning i went for my annual check up so not drinking much one night might bring down my cholesterol level a little, i did drink Sunday but no were near as much as i normally do. the test went fine, this year they didnt tell me i needed to do exercise, but i do need to start wearing reading glasses not because i cant read up close but because i read up close using my short sighted eye which is now affecting my normal sighted eye. i wasnt to bothered, i had jagged my eye on Saturday while working and it was still a bit sore when i did the test. it is a bit better now, yesterday i couldnt read the computor with the normal eye were as today i can. i now have to wait for the blood and urine test to come back. like the doctor said the outside is working fine, whats going on inside is a different matter.

Friday night, now that was an interesting night. Moira was in London, so i decided to go for a drink across the road in the bar there was no one there, i had a beer then left and went to Chez luissette instead. there it was like a old fashioned lockin. i ended up speaking catalan/spanish with a couple hes german and about 5 years younger then me and she is catalan and about 5 years older then me, nice people, they bought me a drink.

big fish

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

a long weekend as Monday was a Spanish holiday something the Catalans would have to give up if they become independent.

we did very little Saturday market then ai worked in the afternoon. we went to Pepes to eat then on the way home into Chez Luisette as there was a live funk band from Barcelona, very good, the man on the organ certainly knew what he was doing.

Sunday we got up when we wanted to, and went to the beach, having a bit of a walk along the coast first, we didnt stay on the beach long as it was a bit windy but a nice thing to do anyway. we stayed in that evening and had curry.

Monday, day off, we went to the outlet i Jonquera as the weather wasnt all that good and Moira needed some new tops, i needed peanuts to make a lemongrass chutney which i did when we got home after i had done some pool maintenance. Moira made veggie pealla for tea.


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Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

it is bucketing it down, the swimming pool level is higher then i have ever seen it, there was even hail stones for a few minutes suppose i wont be watering the garden again tonight.

we have had Malcom and Fiona here since last wednesday. they were exhausted Wednesday night so we did very little then drink to much. Friday night they took us to Can Batlle to eat, as good as usual.

Saturday we went to Ceret originaly to see Wilma but she couldnt make it, we went any way as there is a market there saturday morning. we came home to eat as its far to expensive to eat in France. that evening we went to Llanca to meet up with Fiona and Paul and also Mark and Wendy. we all met in a bar then went for a pizza in now Olivia is only doing pizzas at the weekend, the nearest good pizza to us during the week. good evening was had by all, the pizzas are very good, maybe a bit thick but hardly enough o complain about.

Sunday we went up the puig, Fiona and Malcom had been in training, but we kept up with them no problem, the weather was on our side as well as it wasnt to hot.

Monday back to work with slightly aching legs and tonight i think we are going to eat in the cooperativa for the first time ever.