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Baked potatoes

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

My first blog on the iPad, seems to work, typing is a bit awkward though.

its now officially cold, Friday night I ate outside at Pepes I was wearing a coat but still I was able to eat outside without feeling particularly cold and then Saturday happened. Traumontana, the temperature dropped about 15 degrees everyone at the market were wearing puffer jackets all the Catalans that is. It is usually sunny with Traumontana Saturday broke the rules. That evening I went to watch Barca play Madrid in the bar, basically went for the atmosphere the bar was packed, came home after the game and had warming spicy soup.

Sunday was anomaly traumontana day as it was sunny, I had wanted toto up to the antennas above Vilajuiga for ages it took me about an hour and a half, coming back via Pepes for a congratulate myself beer.

that afternoon I went to Figueres to collect Moira form the train as she had been with Tina and John near Geneva, selling her jewellery. She did quite well, better then

dig for victory

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Sparrow has discovered he can sit on my lap while i am on the computor, luckily ife used to do it so i am skilled in typing with one hand, stroking the cat and reaching for the can of beer with the other.

the weekend went well, lovely and sunny we found a beach we had never been to before called Rocs Blancs (white rocks) beautiful place and a nice stroll to get there, we took soup to eat as a picnic but it was to sunny for soup so we just drunk the beers then came home.

saturday morning i worked, then did a little bit in our own garden the evening we went to do culture. there was classical music being played by a group of proffesional musicians in the church. as well as all the old people in the village me Moira and Cerrie and sonny joe went along. Sonnyjoe didnt like the opera singer as the music hurt his ears. we listened to most of it but left when they started on mozarts magic flute.

friday night me Moira, Lydia and Joana went for a curry in Figueres. Joana had never had a curry before im not sure she liked it. the rest of us did. one course english one course spanish.

just been for another check up at the dentist, its getting better

almond butter

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

just had the stitches out, took seconds, next check up to see all is going well is next tuesday which is when the surgeon is in, then if he says all is well. will need to go for an xray just before christmas.

we are having an Indian summer or as its called here el veranillo de sant marti. no odea who sant marti is.

the weekend went without anything really exciting happening. on sunday was foggy in garriguella, we went up to Cerries to give her the lemon juice we had got her and ended up staying for lunch, we should do that more often. that afternoon we went to Roses to discover that the fog was only over garriguella. it was sunny in Roses, we had a walk and a beer.

Saturday we went to empuria brava market instead of figueres. we wanted to give books to the cat and dog charity that has a stall there. last time they refused some of our books so this time we sneaked by and left the bag while no one was looking, Moira then bought a jigsaw.

we stayed in that evening and watched xfactor.

Friday night we went up to pepes for salad and chips, and sat outside at the bar to eat. something we dont often do in November.

floppy discs

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Back again. my mouth is healing, havent taken pain killers for days. the swelling has completely gone. if it wasnt for the stitches i would almost forget that last week it was operated on. i go on thursday for a check, which i have already payed for thankfully.

As far as the weekend went. Sunday we did very little except the tour de garriguella then a beer in Pepes on the way home.

Saturday as well as going to the market we walked to the garden centre to buy cyclamen to put in Moiras square pots that have had petunias in all summer. every year we buy cyclamen, every year i plant them in the garden when its time to put in something for the summer. forget about them, until some of them decide to survive and come up again the next winter. they are now everywhere.

Saturday night we went, first, to Peralada to say good bye to Jane, an english lady who has been here for years and has decided to go back to england. then we went to for a pizza and some beers at the bar. they were using halloween as an excuse to get the local techno dj in to play all night. we had to stay other wise we wouldnt have got any sleep.

Friday night  we went up to Pepes for salad and chips, ad for a chat with Cerrie and Sonnyjoe.