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Croquet hoops

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

I’ve got a bonfire going in an old oil can I found near Palua, have got to keep an eye on it as I don’t want the house burning down and to be honest it’s warmer here then in the house.

Christmas weekend, a long one, we didn’t see the sun the whole time, here it’s unseasonably warm. It was great to do a family Christmas again after probably 9 years maybe 10. Moira got lots of presents and a cold and I got amongst other things a new ukulele book, luckily the girl behind us when we went through security at Stanstead let Moira put half her liquid presents in her tray as she only had a lap top to put through. On Christmas Day we happily ate too much, Boxing Day we ate less but finished the day off with a very good takeaway curry. The morning of leaving to come home we ate even less, and had time to pop to sainsburys  for haggis and soya sausage mix so I can finally make a burger in the Mildred’s cookbook. Also got to speak to Farah which was really nice.

now we are home it’s back to work and try and fathom out what the man is talking about in my new uke book.

Border spade

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Blog time. Interesting weekend this weekend, which finished with me watching the results of the Spanish general election, good bye to bipartyism. We had got in late as Ingar invited us over for a Danish Christmas dinner with Irena and her inter cambio who was my inter cambio last year before I started with Joanna. We had a great time really interesting. The Danish Christmas dinner wasn’t much different to a British Christmas dinner to be honest except she had made a pickled red cabbage dish with red currant jam, very nice and for me butternut squash rolls again very nice. Arthur the intercambio had brought a traditional dessert from Cadaques which they only eat in Cadaques that should have had rum in it, Inger had cognac which was warmed then set fire to while being ladled over the cakes. Luckily we had gone for a walk before hand to build up an appetite.

Saturday I worked in the morning, then in the afternoon we went to Figueres to look for some walking boots for Moira and see the Christmas lights

Friday night we went up to Pepes Cerrie and SonnyJoe were there.

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

just got back from the dentist, another visit of 5 minutes, spent more time chatting about the dentist going to Ireland for christmas. gums are much better next visit Febuary, they are not bothered about the other side yet.

the weekend was spent in Chamonix, it was cold, but with very little snow, the lack of snow didnt matter that much as we where there for a birthday party and not to ski. i took my snow rackets but didnt get round to using them either. Irena and i drove there, Irena did most of the driving on the way and then i did most on the way back as far as hours was concerned but the speed Irena goes she probably covered more distance then i did.

we had a lovely time, Mick and Tracy were there as well staying in the same hotel, which led to wine drinking in the hall way connecting our rooms. we had a nice time at the party then mick, tracy me and Moira and Irena went to the hotel bar afterwards and eventually got kicked out at 2.30 am.

the next day some of us met up for lunch, mick and tracy had gone home as home is esturias, the north west coast of spain and had driven there like us. the meal was really nice seeing as it was in a expensive tourist resort. Irena went for a siesta while Moira and i went for a wobble round the town, that evening we managed to eat some curry, great onion bargees.

then Monday after a continental breakfast we drove home to a lot warmer Garriguella.

going for a paddle

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

missed last week. Moira went off to see Lydia leaving me to cook, which is fine, i can do that. i also put the old computor away leaving the corner of the room where the computor normally is empty. with the computor away i had inadvertantly put away my reminder that i do a blog every Tuesday.

It was a bank holiday today, the immaculate conception. we went to Aiguamols for a walk but going round the other way, we saw a crab, that was about it, no flamingos.

Thursday and Friday Moira had open doors to sell her jewellery, she sold a few pieces but it meant we where both down stairs until at least 9.30 at night waiting for customers. then Saturday we went to sell her wares in Mas Pau a newly opened old fashioned hotel/restaurant the other side of Figueres. the people who organised the christmas fair treated us really well, and even though no one new of Moiras stuff or had seen it before she made more then enough to make it worth while. there was also a band in the afternoon and at 6ish when it was really busy some modern dancers rolling about on the floor for our entertainment.

Sunday, the 6th of December, for the last 2 years at least on the 6th we have gone to Auchan for a christmas buying treat. Normally france is closed on Sundays but not near christmas it seems, no excuse, we had to go this year as well.