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Soul Finger

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Tomato seedlings have started to grog, and the Piri Piri chilles look like they are pocking there first leaves up through the sufrace of the soul. Using pots madre out of newspaper this year

Sunday was siento transplanting tomato seedlings, but that was afterwards we water good be to a slightly drunk Irena when has been on a diet and has not been drink inglés, but we had all been to a cremación in Figueres so she felt she deserved a whisky. The funeral was be cause the husband of Belinda had died, after 95 years. Belinda is the nieghbour of Jesús, an australian lady that keeps herself to her self. Also she is one of Moiras best customers. She is a nice lady so we all felt we sound like to go and show support.

Saturday night Moira and I met Diane and Inger in the coop, Diane was over from England to sell a house, and only here for a couple of das it was a fun evening, as well as my first evening meal had in the coop. I shared tapas with Diane who is also a vegetarían.

Friday night we stayed in as we were going out on Saturday night.

sparrow the jigsaw thief

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Just had my M.O.T at cerries all is fine my pelvis was well out which i had kind of known.

the weekend started with going up to Pepes but this time Mick and Tracy came along. as they where here to sign over their land, Diane managd to sell it for them. Cerrie was there with Sonny, a plesent funny evening was had round Pepes stove.

Saturday we went to do the usual shopping stuff. then home to prune the olive hile Mira started to cook as we were having Mick, Tracy, Irena and Cerrie over for haggis. as always we all sat round the kitchen table chatted drunk and laughed, a good night.

Sunday we went to the olive oil fair in Espolla which is always packed full of people so difficult to get round, also we have been virtualy every year since we got here so its starting to feel a bit samey still its the first of the year, generally a nice day and a good excuse to get out of the house. we didnt stay long as neither of us felt to great after the night before.

R.I.P. David Bowie

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

It was the kings last week and it rained, luckilty it stopped enough for the procession to go through the streets, to the church for a bit of a sing song then the school hall for hot chocolate.

the weekend went as usual Friday night at Pepes, then back via Chez Luisette for drink to break up the journeyand wish the owners a happy new year.

Saturday was market day, a chance to go to my favourite shop and buy peanuts to make peanut butter. then to the shops to spend Irenes christmas money with a bit of a top up from Moira. we stayed in that night out of habit i suppose, also its cheaper then going out.

Sunday we went for a walk to Almadrava beach from Roses. Moira is loving her new walking shoes. the restaurant at Almadrava was closed, which didnt matter to much as we had bumped into Inger at the coop and had had a beer there before setting of for Roses.

the first full week of work since early December.

the hat game

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

got my new keyboard from Santa. turning an old but perfectly fine Ipad into with a bit of imagination a laptop.

its the kings and its raining so there will be no processiion through the village, which is a bit of a shame but the singing in the church is going ahead and most important the hot chocolate in the school hall is also going ahead. its a day off tomorrow, hopefully it wont rain as we have no idea what to do when it rains. lived here to long.

the weekend went to sort of to plan seeing as the both of us had a bit of a cold, we soldiered on. Thursday night new years eve, we went to the bar but there was nobody there so we went to Chez Luisette, it was full , we stayed for a couple then went to the bar again with the intention of going to the church square but the Olivie tne owner inited us to take the grapes with him and his 2 friends and the barmaid, we could hardly say no. we went home for a glass of wine before going to the school hall for the party but went to bed instead.

Friday we went for an extended tour de Garriguella, as usual stopping of at Pepes on the way home, Cerrie was there so we stayed for a chat. we went back in the evening as its warm in Pepes bar and we fancied Pepe food to combat colds.

Saturday we went to buy our christmas presents came home had something to eat feed the cats then went to France. we had to go over the mountains with the terrorists rather then go through the motorway border as the queue was from the border back to Figueres. it only added half an hour to the journey. we were being fed in the house of Catherine and Tims near Narbonne as Cathy and John were there, great night was had by all, going to bed at 4 in the morning.

Sunday we got up drunk loads of water and tea then drove home. the border was a breeze, we where home by 2ish. giving us time to eat something put the fire on, go for a small walk then fall asleep in front of the telly.

i woke up having sweated out my cold.