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Dutch windmills

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Carnival came to Garriguella.

Friday night we broke the mould and didnt go to Pepes, instead Moiras intercambio Lidia had fancied trying the Plaça with a friend of hers that wanted to practice her english. The food was far better then expected and Lidia is always good company, her friend Estela spoke really good english.

Saturday morning we went to the market, i had fun out of peanuts, a good excuse to go to my favourite shop. That afternoon i worked a bit with Moiras help then came home to work a bit in our garden. After dinner we put on minimum fancy dress and hit the town vía the bar. There was more floats this year. Cerrie and Sonny came along to watch , we went to the school hall after chatted to a few people had some drinks, turnes down the butifarra then came home happy.

Sunday was Rancho, Moira made us a vegetable tagine as she didnt want to eat the meaty rice dish providencia either. We had a great time and came home with 3 botes of wine, bread and doughnuts.

Cava and crisps

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Just got back from the dentist. Broke a tooth eating sugared almonds. As i am such a good customer they fitted me in at the first cancellation. Fine nowcheck if i can drink beer and it seems i can.
A part from breaking a tooth, Saturdy morning we went to piant a small room for one of Jesus clients, they didnt want some one they didnt know in their house. I slopped the piant on while Moira did the edges. We stayed in that night having gone to Pepes the night before with Inga. I am liking Pepes lasagna ever though it doesnt have any pasta in it.
Sunday was a day of rest, we went to see the Carnival a empuriabrava. Then back to Pepes for a beer with Cerrie who is just getting over a bad cold. She is better now.



Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Tuesday night. Is Benidorm as good this year? This weekend went quite quickly for a weekend. Friday night was the usual going up to Pepes but this time Stuart and Isabele where there. They hace a holiday home in Garriguella that i keep an eye on for them. Nice people, Stuart does things like cycling from París to Beritz.

Saturday we went to Barcelona, anual trip, the market we went to check out didnt exist. The Picasso Museum does though, i hadnt been there since 1991 it had changed a bit. Moira had never been, i nice thing to do in Barcelona rather then shopping. We ate something, not the best meal we have had in Barcelona, then made our way back to the station the long way round finally passing by the indian súpermarkets to buy spices.

Sunday it rained and was windy. We had invited Irena and Inger over to eat Haggis. 2 very interésting women. When every one had  gone home, the telly had gone on and all was quite, we had cheese on toast infront of the fire.

Frozen chickpeas

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Thats  what i do on Tuesdays, i write my blog, to busy tring to buy stuff on ITunes which always takes forever, and then doing some catalán home work that i nearly forgot. Not that there is much worth writing about. As usual Friday evening we went up to Pepes to meet Cerrie and Sonny Joe.

Saturday morning we didnt ever go to the market, we did go through to Aki which is a Hard ware store, to buy a spark plug for the lawn mover, and light bulbs. I worked in the after noon for a couple of hours. Then home to do a bit in our own garden. We stayed in that night

Sunday was a bit of a dreek day.  Moira had seen on face book a modern designer house in Port dela selva which she fancied going to see we took that as an excuse to wander round Port de la selva for a while until we found the house, took some photos then had some soup on the beach before coming home