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Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

Mum and Dad have gone home, in fact they are there as I know because I rang them when I got home after going to drop the pump of with the man who I have been told fixes pumps, he wasn’t the most charming of people, I had prepared loads of stuff to say to him and he wasn’t interested. Your pumps broken ok leave it there, name and number, you can get out by that door.
Moira has also gone, she went to Scotland this morning to sell jewellery. It’s just me and the cats.
After a long weekend of doing hardly anything how comes I’m exhausted. Mum and Dad arrived last Wednesday. Thursday we went to eat at Chez Luisette after I had met up with Joanna to do my intercambio with her mum and dad came along while we were speaking English.
Friday I wasn’t working we went shopping in the morning and in the afternoon Dad and I went to trim a hedge, we stayed in to eat that evening.
Saturday we had to get up early to set up a stall of Moira’s jewellery in the village sherry and doughnut fair, a great day to spend a sunny day watching people go by, chatting to people we knew and every now and then selling some jewellery. Natalie and Andy arrived mid day. That night we went to eat at Can Battle, the first time this year, it hasn’t changed.
Sunday was Natalie’s and Moira’s birthday party, Tina and John where here from France, Sonya and Max and the girls came as well. Irena as well as usual on form, great fun and the bad weather held of.
Monday another day off, we went to Empuria Brava to go on a boat round the canals then to eat in the Italian. We seemed to do a lot of eating this weekend. We ate left overs for the evening.
Tuesday back to work, but Mum and Dad wanted to take s out for a meal, old faithful, the pizza in Roses.

Ian the dinosaur

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

It was Moira’s birthday on Monday and to celebrate we went to the Indian in Figueres, mainly because Moira loves Indian food and also because all the other restaurants she wanted to go to were closed, Monday night off season, not a good night to find a restaurant.
Friday night we went to Pepesthis time with Irena, Ian, Diane,Cerrie and Sonny. Diane and Ian were here for a couple of days to sort out something in their house. Great night especially as lasagne was back on the menu.
Saturday we went to the market first then in the afternoon it was the party in Max’s carpenters workshop which happens every year on the Saint Joseph’s day. There is always really interesting people there, this time we met an English girl that has been here 20 years, married to a Andalusian Catalan. Cerrie got on well with her
Sunday I worked, as I didn’t have time on Saturday, while Moira had a Her jewellery stall in Pau Jonathan was in France for the weekend and came down to see us, he arrived, wen the market finished Moira packed up and we went to Roses for tapas, lovely afternoon sitting outside enjoying the old fashioned ambiance of Roses seafront.

Cupcake shop

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

It rained this morning the first time for ages after days of Traumontana.

the weekend went well. Friday night was the usual at Pepes. Pepe hadn’t made his lasagne without lasagne so I went back to the old faithful salad and patatas bravas. Sonny was on good form as usual.

Saturday we went to the market quickly, I went of to buy Nats and Moira’s birthday presents while Moira got stuff in the figueres supermarket. That afternoon I worked a few hours, which payed for the pizza we had in the bar that night, we hadn’t been in the bar for ages, it was nice for a change, the shepherd came in with fresh goats milk from his goats that graze in fields around us.  We were allowed to taste it, it was a lot nicer then I had imagined.

Sunday we went to Bascara with Cerrie and Sonny as Sonya was selling her fairies at the Bascara tortelle fair, it was a lovely day, the fair was packed with stalls and people looking at the stalls.we had a bit to eat and a bit of a walk, a chat to Sonya, her friends, Moira and Cerrie made something out of wool and sticks, just enjoyed a sunny day at a slowish pace.

Skye goes to a place

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

I would say that today without a shadow of a doubt  has been the coldest day of this wínter, due mainly to the Traumontana. I didnt take my coat of until mid day, that never happens.

the weekend wasnt much better weather wise that is. Friday night we went to Pepes with Cerria and Sonny

Saturday Moira and I painted a bedroom for the people that we worked for a couple of weeks ago, money for the next time we go to the Italian in Empuriabrava. Then in the afternoon  i pruned some trees for one of my regular clients, Saturday was a good day for making money. That night we broke all the rules and went out  for a drink at Chez Luisette as we had some money in our pockets. As well as some wine, i bought my self a wooly hat hand made by a lady in Rabos. Her and her partner go to Chez luisette often, she is 64 and he is most probably younger then me, not that that matters they both seem to be happy.

Sunday we went to Cadaques to do a bit of the Cami de Ronda that we hadnt done before. Really interesting, no idea why we hadnt been there before, the Palm weevil has made it to Cadaques, how did it do that?

Having a cup of tea

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Its. Tuesday, also the third day of serious Traumontana. It doesnt keep me awake as much as it used to, been living here to long.

Friday night was spent at Pepes with Ingar, Irena, Cerrie and Sonny. Irena is still on her diet so she went home early but not too early, we staggered home with Ingar.

Saturday and it rained, they said it wouldand this time they were right, it did rain in the morning. It didnt stop me doing some work but it saved me from having to climb and prune a huge tree. The afternoon, after doing some shopping was spent giving the garage a well needed spring clean.

Sunday and it had rained all night and starting to be windy. Moira fancied a walk from Llança to Port de las selvas light house along the cami de Ronda, usually a lovely walk when its not blowing a gale and at times raining. We got to the light house and had a beer sheltered from the wind. All said and done regardless of the weather it was nice walk.