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Raining flowers

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

The swimming pool cover has finally been taken off, not because it’s good weather but because it was forecast to rain and it did and the pool is now full of new water making it easier to clean the pool floor, not actually easier but it at least means I do not need to use the water from the well.
The weekend went quickly Friday night was the start of the roses fair in Roses, so instead of going to Pepes, we went to Roses and also take advantage of the money Irena had given us for a Thai meal as my birthday present. There wasn’t that many roses on showin Roses, more chrysanthemums then roses, maybe we should have gone Saturday but the Thai was well worth the visit. It was also nice to wander round Roses without worrying where we were going.
Saturday we went to the market. The Colombian shop I love has moved its shelves around, I like that as it means I can pretend I am seeing it all for the first time again. The afternoon I worked, Moira and gave me a hand and we stayed in that evening to eat salad and chips on the balcony
Sunday we walked to Delfie as we had been meaning to do it for ages and also we were supposed to be looking for a lost dog round there. Within 5 minutes of the walk we got the news that the dog had been found, we still walked to Delfie.

Shopping spree

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

First blog written outside this year. It looks like summer is finally arriving, we have just been to th garden centre to get petunias for Moira’s office pots and a few other things as ew where there and it’s a garden centre. The weekend was sunny then wet in the evenings which is normal here like everything it takes the rain a while to get to us.
Friday night we were going to go to Pepes but he was fully booked so instead we had everyone come round for a curry at our every one I mean Cerrie and Sonny, Inger, Irena and Jesus and Mercé. They hadn’t had curry before, propper curry and by the amount Jesus ate I get the impression he liked it.
Saturday night we ate what was left of the curry then went to Chez Luisette as they had got a live band that night. It was packed the band started at 11, like the rain, they took a while to get going, 3 very good musicians playing what they wanted, and like Lidia has said all live music is good.
Sunday we walked to Peralada as the was a cavallada, a load of horses going by, which is what it translates as. We met up with Cerrie, Sonny and Cerries friend Cass. They drove us home as it looked like it might rain. Still the outward going journey I had tried out my walking Sanford that Moira bought me for my birthday and they didn’t bite once.

Happy birthday me

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

2 days off this weekend due Monday being a fiesta. Because. May 1st was on a Sunday and September 11th will be on a Sunday so the Catalans decided that they would celebrate pentecost for the first time.
We did nothing special Pepes Friday. I worked Saturday. Llança on Sunday as there was a mini food fair on. Worth the. Is it next year. Monday a am around l’aiguamols via a shop to buy liquid fertizer.
Tonight we are going to the Italian

Congratulations Robbie and Emma.

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

And it rained and it rained. Except Saturday, the start of the Temps de Flors in Girona, which was perfect, as it was forecast to rain the Sunday which meant everyone went Saturday and it was packed and hardly anyone went Sunday so there was hardly any queues and we got to see pretty much everything we wanted to see. It was a good year this year. What more we had a curry in a really good Indian restaurant. It was packed so they squeezed us next to a Spanish mother and Daughter from Majorca, there English was perfect and was surprised that Moira and I spoke Spanish as they spoke such good English because the English immigrants that live in Majorca didn’t bother to learn the language.
Friday night was the usual but this time just with Cerrie and Sonny, which actually was really nice as I hadn’t a chance to chat with Cerrie for ages. Saturday I worked all day so we stayed in for the evening so as to be ready for Girona the next day.
It didn’t rain this morning but it’s raining again now, got beer traps all around my newly planted tomatoes and courgettes.

Happy birthday Dad

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

That was one hell of a week. Monday Moira couldn’t switch the light on in our bedroom, neither could I so I took out one of the bulbs to take to the shop the next day. Tuesday morning my mobile decided to get a virus my fault I down loaded a video from Whatsapp Monday night that I shouldn’t have, I thought it had come from Jesus. Found the old mobile that I bought Moira balanced my mini sim in the slot of a normal sim and went to work. That evening we went to Figueres to buy bulbs, check out how the well pump was doing in the mechanics and to see if I could do anything with the mobile. Having been told the pump still wasn’t fixed but was at the front of the queue, bought 4 new light bulbs and starters, found out that in theory, I could get rid of the virus on my phone and Moira buying a new coat stand with her birthday money, we came home.
Wednesday I changed the bulbs, the light still didn’t work, nothing I could do, so I went round the corner to see the electrician, who came along later without tools, took one look at the light and asked if there was another light switch for the light. It turns out there is and it was switched of which is why the light had mysteriously stopped working.
Friday I went to pick up the pump which had finally been fixed, did the shopping then to Pepes for the usual this time with Cerrie, Sonny, Bob and Jackie.they have been coming here lots but this is the first time we have really got to know them, a nice couple.
Saturday I worked in the rain pretty much all day, while my mobile was being fixed. Then we went to Pepes again as Irena has here family here and had invited us, a room full of big Dutch people all speaking impecable English.
Sunday, day off, we went to Figueres as there was a fair, market like we have in Garriguella at Easter but much bigger. We bumped into Ian and Dolors which was really nice. TheN came home after a beer in a bar in a new street Moira had found.