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I could have spread my wings.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

What a weekend, a long one for me as it was St Joan on Friday which meant I had a day off, not that I saw much of it as the arty Thursday night, went on till 4 in the morning. It started off with Fire works and a bonfire, not bonfire night as we know it, it was hardly dark, but a great atmosphere, apparently it’s spectacular if you go to a bigger village or town, we stay in Garriguella. We went home to eat then out again at about 11ish to start dancing, it takes me a bit to get warmed up but then there is no stopping me.
Friday we woke up to hear we would soon not be able to vote in the next European elections. To make us feel better we did nothing until the afternoon when I went of to do a bit of work, so I would have Saturday free. Then afterwards up to Pepes with Cerrie, Sonny and her mum and dad.
Saturday was market daythen supermarket day, with going to the watch shop day thrown in. Moira’s has needed her watch fixed for ages, we took it to a tiny shop where you had to ring the door bell, they took it of her and within 10 minutes it was fixed and it only cost 2 euros. We came home and I made an attempt at relaxing in between doing something.
Sunday we went for a walk along Santa Margarita sea front, so as to feel like we are on holiday and to see where the bar of the people who had the bar in Pau civic centre was, we found it and had beer and chips to celebrate. We came and instead of trying to relax we went to see Irena who had her best friend with, a couple of glasses of wine later in amongst the vines we wobbled home to sit on the balcony and watch the sunset.

There are no Dutch in Holland

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

I couldn’t write the blog yesterday as it was Sonny Joes first school show, it went on for ages but was very entertaining, sweet to see the older kids singing in English
The weekend went as planned to a point. Friday night we went up to Pepes just us this time. We got home before the thunderstorm.
Saturday I worked all day, while Moira was trying to sell her jewellery in the garden of Chez louisette with a few other stalls. She did ok, I joined her once I had finished what I was doing. At 9 we packed up and went up to Pepes again as Moira’s aerobics class was having a dinner. I chatted to Rocky a German builder while Moira went and sat with the girls.
Sunday we went to L’Escalla to buy dad a far there day card in a shop that we discovered had shut and go for a bit of a wander, we got a card in the end, and also had a bit of a Andre. On the way home we stopped in on a expats bar on the beach. O be honest it was nicer then I had imagined, they speak Spanish for example. Finally we made it home to sit in the sun, chop wood prune a few things water the garden, then lay in the hammock for a minute of 2.


Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Looks like it’s going to rain again and again and again, suitsme as I don’t have to water the lawn and the lawns we are looking after are lovely and green, brownie points.
It didn’t rain Friday night, but it wouldn’t have stopped us going up to Pepes, Cerries friend Rachel was here, she filled us in on what was happening to Sonya which was handy as we knew what Sonya was talking about when we went to see her in the hospital Saturday morning, I had a morning of work, but worked in the afternoon.
Saturday night we stayed in and drunk the cava a client had gifted me.
Sunday we went for a walk from Roses to Almadrava an old favorite. Took us a while to get to Roses though as there wa a vintage car rally going on and the had close of most of the roads that lead to Roses from Garriguella.

That’s me voted

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Was working late yesterday and just didn’t have the, I don’t know what, to write the blog. Today I’m ok got a bit stressed by a swimming pool not playing the game but a part from that alls well.
As was the weekend, Friday night we went up to Pepes, the first time for weeks, it was just us and Cerrie with Sonnyjoe which was perfect.
Saturday I worked most of the day while Moira did the shopping, if all goes well I can go to the market next week. We stayed in for a while then after eating we went to Chez Luisette to drink cheap wine and chat.
Sunday was the cherry fair in Terrades, which we haven’t been to for a couple of years. We were meeting Cerrie and Sonny there, while we where waiting for them we walked not only around the fair but around the small village of Terrades it self, which is a pretty little village, smaller then Garriguella. We found a quite spot and had a can of beer while scoffing cherries. We went back to the fair to buy some strong wheels cheese which we are going to substitute for Parmesan when we bumped into Cerrie, so we did the fair again, I bought a Nepeta to plant under the winter margarita and Moira bought some chickpeas and lentils. It was the first day for ages that it didn’t rain.
Today Moira has finally got the swimming pool cover dry.