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Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

What a weekend. Cerries friends from England came over to be the resident band Friday night ,Saturday night and Sunday night.
We went along both Friday night and Saturday night.
Friday night to eat and watch them play, then Saturday night we ate at home then went along to watch and for me to have my first public performance, I played 2 songs with them on the uke. I did all right with the first tune but the second was a shambles because I had forgotten how to play the 12 bar blues, luckily nobody could hear as the 2 other guys had there instruments wired up to speakers and I was playing in to a my own microphone.
Saturday we went shopping then nothing much else, Sunday we did very little as well except a walk to Pepes the long way round.
The car has been serviced, stuff that has to be done.

In the name of George

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

I forgot last week, life was just keeping me to entertained. Mainly because we had Robbie and Emma here for the week and also Monday of last week was a bank holiday in Spain and Friday of last week was a bank holiday in Garriguella.
Robbie and Emma arrived last weekend t hot weather and a part from one evening when it rained it has been perfect cook your skin weather for them.
We kept going out in the evening to a minimum as Emma is 6 months pregnant, but that’s fine by us. Then during the day except for when I was working we went to Darnius one day, the beach another, a stroll along Roses sea front and a visit to Llanca. With a bit of shopping thrown in for good measure.
Then last weekend, Fiesta Major in Garriguella, which is why I had the day off. Friday night we got to see a band in the grounds behind the church, Saturday night was a bit of an orchestra which we saw some of, them Sunday Zumba and vermouth. Inga bought her grandchildren over afterwards to race in the pool, which finally finished us of. Robbie and Emma went home for a rest.

Polly seeds drying in the sun

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

More of a quoted weekend last weekend, we had nobody staying, I had a bit of extra work to do Friday evening and Saturday morning, but now Moira is helping me things get done quicker and we also have time to go shopping Saturday morning.
Friday night we met Irena and Inga in Olivia’s across the road, we Ate before we went as last weekend we had had our fill of eating out.
Saturday after shopping and work we relaxed a bit by the pool until I couldn’t relax anymore and started cutting logs, we stayed in that evening.
Sunday after we had got up and the swimming pool Hoover had done what it has to do we went to the beach by near the old El Buli site a little bit of a walk as there was now where to park near the beach we wanted to go to. We got there eventually, enjoyed a couple of hours but finally it got to windy so we made our way home in time to ring who we had to ring, water the plants, fill the pool a bit, then meet Diane, Stuart and Inger in Olivia’s for a couple before dinner.


Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

The cat is looking is gushingly at the rain from the balcony, no idea where it came from, it wasn’t forcast, but what a relief as it has been so hot for the last week or so anything that lowers the temperature a bit is more then welcome.
The weekend started with Jonathan arriving on Friday, he wanted to go to Roses so we went to Roses, and had a really nice meal, I had Tempeh, that’s twice in the last month I have had tempeh, that’s also twice in the last 4 years that I have had tempeh, which is a shame because I quite like it as soya products go.
Saturday we all went to do one of my gardens then home via Empuria Brava to get chlorine tablets for the pool, and test the water. Then to Darnius to swim in the reservoir and have a picnic. That night was Irenas birthday party, we all met at hers then went to Can Batlle to eat and for me to play happy birthday for her on the ukulele, I really can not sing in the key of C, but she liked it the 10 seconds that it lasted.
Sunday we went to Irenas to thank her for the night before and to get some of her peanut sauce, we had a few drinks with her then Mick and Tracy turned up so we had some more drinks and had a lovely Sunday afternoon getting slightly drunk amongst the vines. Jonathan was in France that day so we didn’t eat out.
Monday we went to Figueres with Mick,Tracy, Irena and Jonathan for a curry as Mick and Tracy do not get curry in Estorias, we all loved it, a slice of India outside Figueres bus station.
Tuesday night Jonathan took us up to Pepes for a meal, again with Mick and Tracy and Irena, he often eats in French restaurants so can’t believe how cheap it is here.
Both cats are in now watching the rain.