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Fixing flushes

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Wednesday afternoon off due to there being no work, but im not complaining, taking advantage infact. Moira has gone to Barcelona to drop her mum at the airport, and stayed a while to get spices and other stuff she might need. I on the other hand have had an enormous siesta, had a swim, made some pesto, and am now writing this in the sunshine on the balcony.
Irene arrived last wednesday with Moira who had gone to Scotland to bring her here. We stayed in that night, carbonara night.
Thursday night i had my intercambio with Joanna. Friday night we went to the Italian in Perelada with Inger and Irena as before the food was really good, they even do their own Tiramaso which pleased Irena.
Saturday was Irenes birthday, we had to work a bit in the morning, Irene came with us so as we could carry on afterwards. We went to Escallafor a walk by the sea, then back via Mas Guso the apple farm for Irenes Sangria, birthday treat. We stayed in for the evening as we had to make sure the english tele worked.
Sunday was going to be a quite bar b que with Cerrie and Sonny, but Jonathan was in town, and before we knew it he, Tim, the 3 boys and 1 girlfriend, and Katherine and her friend Veronique got invited. The butcher saved the day as usual. I managed to get everything cooked before the rain started, but as pretty much all of us live here we were all to happy to see rain that we didn’t care. It stopped after everyone had left, we proceded upstairs so that Irene could watch Poldark while i practiced the ukulele.

The mummy returns

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Tuesday evening, siting on the balcony listening to music on the blue tooth speaker i bought while waiting for the flight back from england yesterday.
Friday night we went up to pepes for something light to eat and a couple of beers as Saturday morning we had to leave for Girona airport at 4 in the morning. Moira had to go to London and then n to scotland, the flights were so cheap that i took the opportunity to also fly to Stanstead as natalie leaves in Norwich as do the lawrences whom i haven’t seen for years.
Saturday at Stanstead Moira went to London while i went of with Natalie to where she lives then to have a breakfast with Lucy, bETTY, sophie and Andy. Then a walk around a bit then to the house that Natalie would like to buy then to a wine tasting where Cat came along to see us, again i haven’t seen her for years. Then for a pizza where Lucy’s partner turned up Ric, we then went on to Jamie’s for more to drink and to watch the world go by. That’s not all. I got on a train to london where Thuy, Graham, cat, Paul, Dan and Paulo were waiting with Moira in the Chamberlain more drink was consumed we then went on to Thuy and Cats new shop, don’t remember much after that
Sunday was Queens park Fair where Thuy and Cat had a stall. E looked and walked around a bit until hunger called us to the nearest pub for lunch and beer.
That evening it was just me, Dan, Paulo and Moira. We went to their local for snacks and beer, nothing much but nice.
Then Monday i had to make my way home, while Moira went on to Scotland.

Cake on the beach

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Finally it is supposed to rain, it’s definitely a little bit cooler 25 degrees on the balcony at 7.00 0,clock in the afternoon.
The weekend end started with a fiesta to say good bye to the summer in the school playground after a thing that is called ‘play back’ basically a group of kids, adults get up on stage and mime to a popular pop tune while dressed up and performing. It’s hilarious , and every one takes it really seriously.
Saturday after a bit of work, we met Ian in Figueres as it was the fair de vino, you get some tickets for 10 euros and then go round all the stalls trying wine until you have no tickets left or can’t remember where you are. We left Ian with a couple of tickets as the fair had shut for lunch, we went to Ian’s for a coffee then home via the supermarket. That night was staying in night.
Sunday we went to Castello de Empurias for the medieval fiesta. We go pretty much every year, see the same things, have a beer, walk around a bit more then come home. This time it’s was almost too hot to walk around and as it was a special day in Catalunya anyway, were Catalans from all over the place meet up to shout for independence, there was a lot less people there. Didn’t matter, Castello is a nice town to walk around for whatever reason.
Monday was my first Zumber,aerobics class, loved it, came home very sweaty but happy.

Finaly or finally?

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Bought the train tickets for Norwich toLondon, booked the car in for its MOT, watered the lawn and sorted the swimming pool, all that’s left is to practice the ukulele it that will have to wait.
It of a weekend, Mum and Dad arrived Wednesday night, music night at Pepes, so we went up there, Thursday night we ate at home, then Friday night we went to the Pizza restaurant in Peralada, we had been before and had pretty ordinary pizzas, not worth the drive. Is time I had calzone while mum, Moira and Dad had pasta, they said the pasta is as good as the pasta in the Vieccio Milano, which is saying something. Saturday we went to the market, then in the afternoon Lynne and Clarcq to stay as well.
Saturday night they treated us to a meal at Can Batlle, at times I order the carpaccio of mushrooms and once or twice I have not been able to eat it once because the truffle oil was far to strong, this time because they had got a bit heavy handed with the salt. Everything else though was perfect.
Sunday I took Mum to do her 2000 steps in Roses market while Moira Lynne and Clarcq took a look at the village, we all met up in Pepes. That evening we had Irena and Inger round for a bar/b/que and to drink for to much wine.
Monday I worked, it’s far to hot for this time of year, that evening Dad took us to Chez louisette I had Quinoa lasagne, I normally wouldn’t bother with Quinoa but this was delicious.
Lyme and Clarcq left today for Sitges.