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The trailer goes metric

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

The pillows have arrived from Spanish M&S as well as Moira’s samples but they came from China
The weather has been terrible the last coupe of weeks. Friday night we went up to Pepes to huddle round the fire with Stuart and Isabele who where here with friends, and Cerrie and sonny off coarse.
Saturday i worked in the morning, got home just before it started to rain, in the afternoon we went to buy cyclamen for Moira’s pots and a bignonia. To kind of grow up the palm. That done we went for a short walk round the vines.
Sunday the weather was a it better, we went for a walk round the Auguamols taking a flask of soup to have when we arrived at the beach.that afternoon started to move a few things round in the garden as Moira has had enough of the lawn.

The honey shop

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Didn’t write the blog last week due to work, a what we are doing for christmas meeting with Irena and Inger, we also had Fiona and Malcom staying they had arrived Saturday.
We went for a walk Saturday afternoon. Castello de Empurias to walk around the town on Sunday as there was art being shown in different random buildings.
We went for a long walk Wednesday as it was a Spanish day off, and then a walk round the coast at Cadaques on Saturday.
Sunday we took them back to the airport in Barcelona, not something we are accustomed to do, but their flight was to early for the train to get them there. Instead of waisting the day we went on to the monistery at Montseny, really interesting and a chance to go for another walk. Then lunch in Vic, Plaza Major, which like Montseny i had never been to , but unlike Montseny i had seen most mornings through the TV3 weather camera.
Then home to shut Hotel Moira and Adam for the season.

High people

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Irene left on Wednesday, having had i hope a good week here, a part from one afternoon the weather was perfect.
We had planned to go camping for the weekend, but rain was forecast and i had also told Joanna that i would feed her cat while she was away. Then on top of that i we had work on Saturday morning, 2 taps to plumb and stuff to get for the swimming pool. So we didn’t go camping, instead we went to the bar across the road for a pizza Friday night, Pepes is closed for 2 weeks. Saturday we caught up with ourselves a bit, did the shopping for taps and swimming pool stuff then home. That evening a few drinks in Chez louisette as they also are going on holiday for 2 weeks.the forecast for rain was wrong.
Sunday was a bit overcast but no rain, we went for a walk along the prom at Santa Margarita with a beer half way.
Jesus returned from his holiday, the plumber came round to fix the drain on the kitchen sink and we went in to Figueres to get a trope and a tap for the on suite bathroom. We