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Darlene Edwards

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Its now getting down to the hardcore at Pepes on a Friday night, just the people that always go.
Saturday i should have done Sues garden but instead we went to a christmas fair at Corça near Girona, it was held but the british anglican church, as someone said it was like being in Guilford. I don’t think i have seen so many retired brits in one room at the same time. We went to see what it was like, research for Moira. Cerrie and Sonny went, so sonny could meet Santa Claus. After the calling of the raffle we went for a short walk around the actual village of corça. Then home vía Aldis in figueres.
Sunday we did Sues garden the for a walk up to a tower that Moira had always wanted to walk to, while there we had some soup then back to Palau for a beer and to search for the bank, which we found easily. Then home to make peanut butter this time with a bit of cinnamon and ginger mixed in.

Saint Neep

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

Its forecast to rain all week, its not such a bad thing as the rain is coming from the south bringing with it warming air.
For the weekend the sun came out as it usually does, although its now pretty cold at nights. Which is why friday night we go to Pepes as he has the stove going. We ate with Cerrie and Sonny, just as we about to leave Tina turned up with her work mates from Switzerland to eat and open more wine bottles. We got home eventually.
Saturday i worked most of the day with some help from Moira in the afternoon before we went to the supermarket and the bazaar to buy some throw away gloves for work. Friday morning i went to get my blood tested again as it seems the levels of gardening chemicals in my blood is bordering on being to high. Time to stop being a bit lax and wear gloves and a better mask then the paper ones that i use when i cant be bothered to fish out the big heavy duty mask that Jesus has provided for me. Lessons learnt.
We stayed in Saturday night.
Sunday we went to Roses to do some market shoppping and have a nose at some of the houses going up one of the hills behind Roses sea front. We stopped to have a tangerine on the top sitting next to a dolmen.
That evening Irena, Inger, Cerrie, Sonny, and Tina came over for an early haggis meal, as Sonny had school the next day and Tina was heading back to Switzerland.

Super moon

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Had a bit of a Catalan day, i needed to speak or listen to quite a lot of the language today.
Last night was Zumba night, still loads of people in the class, much more then last year so Moira says.
The weekend started as it usually does at Pepes, it must be cold as Rocky who normally sits outside at the bar regardless of weather conditions was inside by the fire.
Saturday i didn’t have to work, it was a lovely day, we went to the market in the morning, or Moira did, we parked in the supermarket carpark and while i was doing the supermarket shop Moira did the market shop. That afternoon i worked in our own garden the hedge by the pool seriously needed a cut. We stayed in and watched te xfactor by the fire.
Sunday it was raining, which was a shame as there was supposed to be a band playing on he beach at Roses, we went anyway, just in case, luckily the rain stopped and the band played a little late but this is Spain. It was a really nice thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, we were supposed to stay to see the sun set but it was getting cold again and we hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast.

6mm or 8mm?

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

Traumontana and how the temperature has dropped, last Tuesday we where in the sea, briefly but it was possible to swim a bit. Today on the other hand i was working while wearing a fleece a wooly hat and a scarf. Needles to say the fire is now going on.
The weekend started as usual in Pepes bar with Cerrie and Sonny as close to the fire as we could get.
Saturday morning i didn’t work, great, we went to Empuria brava to dump a load of stuff at ProGat, a cat and dog charity, then some veg in the market and home. As in the afternoon i did have some work to do. That night the fire went on and we stayed in to watch Xfactor.
Sunday was Ingers birthday, it was really last Sunday but let Sunday she had a stinking cold. We went to eat in the Plaça, me Moira Inger and Irena. I get the feeling Christmas is going to a lot of fun, as we are going to Asturias with them as well.

Tío abuelo

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Jack Mckenzie Stewart was born last night, as his great uncle and aunt were dressed in halloween gear and dancing to euro pop in the village hall.
Today was a holiday, all saints day, day of the dead, so we went to the beach. LLanca, we parked at Griffeu the walked around along the coast for over an hour then back to Griffeu for a very short and cold swim in the sea and then some hot soup while drying off. November the first, its been hotter today then most of October.
The weekend went smoothly, we went to the Pepes with Cerrie and Sonny Friday night. Saturday morning i worked while Moira did the shopping, then in the afternoon and evening we did very little, i did turn 2 compost heaps and mow the lawn.
Sunday we went for a walk round the lake at Banyoles, something we do at least once a year and the last 2 times with Cerrie and Sonny. Moira a simular photo this year as she did last year, he has really grown. Its great walking with Cerrie and Sonny as it slows us down, i haven’t sat and thrown leaves into a body of water for as long as i can remember.