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Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

We are home, the cats haven’t left us alone since we got here. It’s the longest we have been away from them.
We went to see Mick and Tracy in Asturias with Irena and Inger.
The 4 of us left Friday morning with the aim of getting to logroño before dark but going the national roads and not the motorway. We managed it not needing the motorway once as Inger was stuck behind a truck and there was no way of getting past it and the 4 other trucks in front of it. I am glad we drove so as to have some idea how vast Spain is and it is vast with huge areas of nothingness.
Logroño wasn’t how we remembered it but then it was over 20 years when we went there camping
The next day we drove on to Mick and Tracy’s, we got there by midday, at that point the drinking began. Once we had got settled we went into Cangas to see Santa slide down a wire hung from the bell of the town hall then set of on his sleigh pulled by one vespas. We had a few drinks in town then back to Mick and Tracy’s to finish of the evening.
Christmas Day was mainly spent outside opening presents, going for a walk and off course drinking. Dinner was in the evening and Tracy spoilt us.
Boxing Day we went up the gorge behind their house t see a waterfall then back to Cangas in search of something to eat, which wasn’t easy, it was far easier to find drink. We got back to Mick and Tracy’s to finally eat something and have a bit of a jamming session on the Uke and Micks guitar.
We left to come home yesterday via Bilbao to see the Gugenhiem museum and to get lost, then on to Pamplona. We stayed there for the night then came home via the motorways this time, to get home as quick as possible.

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Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

Bit of a random weekend last weekend. Cerrie and Sonny had gone to England, Moira was doing a christmas fair Saturday morning, so we decided not to go to Pepes just for a change, we stayed in instead.
Saturday, while Moira was in Vilajuiga selling some jewellery i, went of to do a couple of hours work then quickly to the supermarket. Drop the shopping of at home then back to Vilajuiga to and Moira a sandwich, crisps and a beer. I had a beer with her, then back to Garriguella to get my hair cut. At that point we thought Moira was going to be in Vilajuiga until 7.00 i was leaving the hair dressers she rang me to say that actually the fair had finished a 2.00pm and could i go and collect her.
What do you do when all of a sudden you have an unexpcted Saturday afternoon to fill. We solved the problem by going to Figueres and buying a deep fat fryer and my christmas present. That night we went across the road to get a pizza which we ate at home as we had lit up the wood burner, we he time for a beer in the bar while we were waiting for the pizzas to arrive.
Sunday moira was doing another christmas fair, this time in Pau.
It was a lovely day, with mulled wine and mine pie for breakfast. Sadly like Vilajuiga, the fair was badly advertised so not that many people came, the fair finished at 3.00pm which was long enough as i had peanut butter to make.

Witch hunt

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Missed yesterday, as Moira needed company, she has been doing a jewellery open 2 days. One customer yesterday and 5 or 6 today, better then expected to be honest. 2 more fairs this weekend.
He weekend went to plan as far as a long weekend could. Thursday was the day of the immaculate conception which is a holiday in Spain. This is after having tuesday of for the spanish constitution. Thursday i worked in the morning then did very little in the afternoon a part from go to Sonny Joes birthday party in his dads bar, mulled wine and happy people. Friday was the image fiesta, another day off but only in our village, i worked in the morning. We did the shopping in the afternoon then to Pepes, Cerries mum and dad had came over for Sonnys birthday, eh where tired as they had gone for a meal at lunch time but Cerries dad as always was up for a chat.
Saturday i did some work in the morning but only an hour, then we went to Besalu to buy slippers. It was the village fiesta weekend, in the school hall they had a tortilla making championship and then a meal and then some music. We left early as Moira was among her old jewellery to Vilajuega, i took the opatunity to do a couple of hours in a client garden. We went for lunch with Inger and Irena at Carmens , we haven’t been there for ages, this trip to Asturias is going to be hilarious.

Mustard Crisps.

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

What a nice day. The day of the Spanish constitution, which to to most of us means a day off from working, seeing as its only in Spain, in France its a normal working day and all the shops are open especially Auchan. Over the last 4 years it has become a tradition for Moira and I to go to Auchan on this day to get stuff we cant get in Spain. Now a days the list for what we need that we cant get in cataluña has got shorter and shorter but true to form we still go. I went to buy myself a mask to keep me from breathing in chemicals while spraying palm trees, which i got in the giant hardware shop next to Auchan and Moira got smoked fish and something in Sephora.
Friday night started as it always starts, leading into a saturday were i worked pretty much all day while moira did a bit of jewellery selling in Empuria Brava and also the supermarket.
Sunday we as in Moira, myself Cerrie and Sonny were supposed to help Yasmin’s and John pick olives but it was raining so we sta inside their huge house and chatted while they feed us.
It rained again Yestrerday but today was lovely, with any UCR that is the end of the rain for a while.