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Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Finally the weather has picked itself up after a lot of rain on Saturday it has been sunny since and bordering on being warm.
As usual the weekend started with a trip to Pepes, sonny joe was dressed as the Incredible Hulk.
Saturday, was supposed to do a hedge that i couldn’t do last Saturday due to rain, the same thing happened, i went to prune a almond instead while Moira went shopping.
After lunch i set too in our garden, our almond tree, our wisteria and Passion flower and ur Jamaican pepper were pruned. The compost heap turned and the rubbish in the garage burnt, the stuff i could burn. We stayed in and watched English tv, something we haven’t done for a while.
Sunday, we went to Espolla again this time, it was sunny, there was a lot more stalls and a lot more people milling around. We had taken a pick nick which we took with Cerrie and Sonny, this time dressed as Batman,for a short distance out of the village following a river in a hunt for a Dolmen, which we didn’t find. That night we didn’t watch English tv. I broke my tooth on some cheese and Moira invented Spanish neeps by mixing white turnips with a carrot.

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

We are deep into a cold winter, the coldest i have known since we moved here. Not only cold i am sure its the wettest winter we have had since we moved here.
Friday night we went to Figueres instead of Pepes as Lydia couldn’t do thursday with Moira, she suggested a curry on Friday night instead. Lydia loves a curry and her friend who came along to practice her English, she had never had it before but easily polished of a korma.
Saturday i was supposed to be doing a hedge but it was to wet, so we went shopping instead the sales are on. We stayed in for the night having invited Inger and Irena over to have a living room picnic in front of the fire. Which has been on more then ever this year.
Sunday we went to the olive oil fair in Espolla, we go every year. It’s always sunny, sometimes windy but always sunny. Not this time, it rained the whole day, it wasn’t cancelled, but there was very few stalls and very few people. We were told by the Garriguella doughnut sellers that the fair was going to held again this Sunday. Cross fingers as e forecast isn’t to good. On the way home we popped in on Inger for a coffee which turned into 4 cans of beer. Finished of the weekend nicely. Got home and put the fire on.

Stone clearing.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

It’s cold, apparently colder then it is in Scotland, mainly due to the wind chill factor of the traumontana, and a big bag of cold air over the whole of mainland Europe. Not to worry though, as Alfred, one of our clients has told the best way, and efficientto light a wood burning stove. He was right it works brilliantly, also i have a Zippo hand warmer, or i did have, i still have it, but i have damaged what is known as the catalytic converter, easy to get a new one, if you live in England or America. The really cold cold is supposed to be gone by Thursday, so i am not that bothered, will have a new one by next winter. It was bloody good while it worked.
Friday night went the same as usual where as Saturday instead of going to the market or working, we went to Barcelona to meet up with Farah and Jon, whom where there to celebrate Jons birthday. Managed to squeeze in getting some lime pickle while making them round the route we normally take friends.
Sunday, because we went to Barcelona, we had to do the shopping and bit of work, then home to finally finish shredding the bourganvillia and prune a few more things that needed doing.

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Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

An eventful weekend. We had Mum, Dad and Natalie here, they came for the Kings as well as to see us. They arrived Thursday afternoon in time to see the Kings on their tractors going down the high street. I was having my Catalan lesson with Joana, Irena and Inger turned up to see my family, Natalie went to see the Kings give out the presents with Cerrie and Sonny and Pepe. It was all go, as well maybe to much wine and possibly to much food.
Friday i had a day off which was convenient, after we had opened presents, i got Dad shredding the bourganvillia branches while i pruned the mulberry, while mum starts on her first Jigsaw. Nat, Dad Moira and i went for a bit of a walk, then we went up to Pepes. Cerrie and Sonny where there, we ate and came home as i had put the fire on.
Saturday while Nat and Moira did the tour de Garriguella i took Mum and Dad to Figueres to shop, it seems they don’t do banjos here. The afternoon mum finished her jigsaw while dad carried on shredding. That evening we went to Chez Louisette to eat, they were full but managed to squeeze us in. We all ate really well
Sunday i put the fire while mum started another jigsaw, me dad nat and moira went for a 2 hour walk to lost Nats step count. That afternoon e had a barbque but ate indoors as the weather had gone really cold, luckily we had the fire on all day. Mum finished her jigsaw then we played trivia.
Monday after Nat hada a Cerrie they all went back home to the rain, and to eat boiled eggs.

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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Normal start to the weekend, except for Cerrie had just got home from England and didn’t feel like coming up to Pepes, we estilo went.
Saturday morning we went to Empuria brava market first bought stuff, had a beer, then went home via a garden i had to do. To come home have something to eat and do another garden i have to do i.e. My garden. Bourganvillia got a severe hair cut. That night was New Year’s Eve, we went to the bar across the road first but they were preparing for a family meal so wwe stayed for one then came home again. At about 5 to midnight we went to the church square to bring the new year in with a smallish group of locals nd then to Chez Luisette for wine and more bringing in of the new year.
Sunday when we had eventually got up, we got the kitchen ready for Irena,Inger, Cerrie, Sonny and Tina to come over to eat steak pie, i got mushroom and floor pie. Everyone left full and a bit drunk except Cerrie and of coarse Sonny. Half an hour later Cerrie rang to say she was going to Peralada to see a living nativity scene, something they do here. We went with her. Glad i have been but wont be rushing back.