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Pollys are growing

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

We’ve been having trouble with the fire the last couple of days, the glass has been really dirty one day then spotless the next, its not because we haven’t got wood its just every now and then the wood isn’t as dry as it should be.
We broke the mold again on Friday night, Cerrie had been carnivaling all week at Sonnys school so she didn’t fancy going out. Instead we had a pizza from across the road and sat in front of the fire. When they first started doing pizzas they where good pizzas now they are really not so good pizzas which is a shame, still with lots of chilli sauce all over the pizza it doesn’t matter how not so good it is.
Saturday we went to Figueres, the first time for ages. As well as food stuff i bought some pea seedlings to plant in the new square bed hopefully the snail wont have realised its there yet. We stayed in that after having done a bit of work in Palau as the clients are arriving this week.
Sunday was kids and adults carnival in Roses, we went along as it was a lovely day and we like to go along to the Sunday carnival at Roses. Cerrie and Sonny where there, we bumped into them near the end so sat down for a chat and to watch the last few floats go by. Again that night we stayed in in front of the fire.
Monday afternoon i went to the Dentist to get my tooth rebuilt 15 minutes later and 70 quid down it was fixed in time to go to Zumba

White flamingos

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Woke up Monday morning thinking it was Sunday morning.
Still downloading music to Moira’s old computer, it takes awhile as sometimes iTunes doesn’t want to open itself up, and then it freezes half way through downloading, will get there in the end.
Friday night started at Pepes, its getting that the same people go every week, and we all know each other well enough to chat to each other. iTunes has frozen.
Saturday we went to do a garden before going shopping and then finally coming home to do some seriously needed work in our garden. That night we stayed in, didn’t watch British tv as there was nothing on.
Sunday we went to aiguamols with Sonny and Cerrie, as we had bought Sonny a spotting nature book with stickers for his Christmas and we all wanted a go. We stopped on the beach for a picnic and a lazy Sunday afternoon chat.

No curry leaves

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

What an interesting weekend, and no it didn’t start of in Pepes this time, we took the night of. Just because on Saturday night we had booked a table with Irena and Inger and Diane, who was overt to sell a house, at Carmens jazz night.
Saturday morning while i was working Moira went shopping, she picked me up on the way home having got all the beer we would need for the week. The afternoon i painted the shutters that Moira couldn’t reach and did some gardening in our own garden. The table was booked for 8.30, inger came round early to proof read something for Moira. The food was better then i had hopped, the jazz was jazz, a piano, drums, double bass, bongos and at the end a singer. We left gone 1 in the morning.
Sunday was a lovely day, we went to Barcelona to meet up with Thuy and Graham. The Boqueria was closed as it was Sunday which meant we had to change our normal Barcelona route, also Graham wanted to go to see the sea. We couldn’t find the cava bar, we ate outside in Borne then went to look at Gaudí buildings and finding a bar that we hadn’t seen before that served beer in jars. We had to make our way home at 5.30 having had a great day.
It looks like the next couple of weeks i will be mainly downloading music to Moira’s old computer which has become my computer.

Happy birthday Mum

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Worked this weekend, all day Saturday and 2 hours Sunday. It was a lovely day Saturday. Sunday though was different, rained all morning.
The weekend started as normal at Pepes, who had made scrambled eggs with garlic and asparagus, we all had it. Saturday, like i said i worked, a hedge the weather and i had been putting off since before christmas. We stayed in that night and watched Train spotting on the tele thanks to utube.
Sunday i worked while it was raining, it sort of picked up in the afternoon, we did a walk which ended up in Pepes for a drink.
Sunday night the traumontana returned with a vengence, a night of very little sleep. It was so windy that the cats didn’t bother getting up Monday morning.