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Vilobi del onya

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Its Wednesday, yesterday Moira and i went to do a garden in the afternoon which took until at least 8.00, i couldnt be bothered to put the computor on and practice the ukulele, i just practiced the ukulele instead.
the weekend went well, we had Irene here until Sunday, Friday night we went to Pepes, for the first time in years Irene was able to walk there thanks to her hip recent hip operation.
Saturday i worked all day but got home in time to go to the garden centre, no, we went to the garden centre Friday after work, Saturday after work i came home and did very little until it was time to go to Chez Luisette with Irena and Inger. the portions have got noticably bigger, quality is still good.
Sunday as we needed to take Irene to Girona airport for 4.00 we decided to go via Callela del Palafrugue as she had never been there at to be honest its a lovely part of the world, Moirsa bought a bikini as shew did the last time we went there, and then we ate in a restaurant that we wanted to eat in again the last time we went there.
tonight Isabele and Stewart are taking us to the Italian in Empuria Brava as they will not be her for my birthday and they couldnt find the restaurant when they last went to look for it.

choosing the logo

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

it was tuesday yesterday and i didnt realise, i knew it was Tuesday and not Monday but as it ws the first day back to work i had kind of lost the routine, also we have Irene staying, guests tend to dsisturb the routine which to be honest is a good thing.
Easter has been and gone, Friday i worked for myself while Moira help painted Irenas house with Inger. when i finished we all met up in Carmens for lunch, which finished of Friday.
Saturday we both worked as in Moira had a stall at the village doughnutand sherry fair, she did ok, made a bit of money. we stayed in that night.
Sunday, day of, worked in our own garden and fixed the gate. then we went for a walk finished of in Pepes for a couple. but not to many as i was going to collect Irene from the airport that night.
Monday we all went on the boat trip from Roses to Cadacues, Irena has always wanted to do it, its easy, you sit down and the boat takes care of the rest. we had lunch in Roses so we stayed in for the evening also a day doing nothing can be quite tiring.
Tuesday back to work Jesus is on holiday so this week i am the boss.

cat necklaces

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

lost the internet again, it wasnt working the end of last week just after 4 days of traumontana, something we havent had much of this year, we called them on Saturday and it was fixed Sunday afternoon after we had gone round to Ingers to call family. Monday a man came round to insatll a more modern router, what is more modern about he didnt say, it doesnt make anything any faster.
Thursday night a part from being Joanna night, half way through speaking catalan she said could we speak english as there was a book laungc in the small local library the she would like to go to, i went with her, the book was a cook book writen while the auther was recovering from a stomach reduction operation, the whole event was in Catalan, i pretty much understood all of it but didnt by the book, it was very traditional catalan cooking, not good for a vegetarian and i didnt like the cake she had made, which is saying something as it was covered in chocolate.
Friday night we went up to Pepes as usual and as Cerries mum and Dad were leaving the next day and they where going to be there.
Saturday i worked all day and we satyed in that night after feeding the street cats, down by Chez Louisette. not only had we no internet but it seems the traumontana had messed around with the tv cables as well and the reception for spanish tv wasnt workinfg very well, i think ive sorted, retuned everything and wiggled the airial cable around a bit.
Sunday was a beautiful day, we went to L’Escala for a walk along the prom as the tamarix are in flower at the moment and the prom has them planted all along. we stopped for a picnic beer at the end of the market, having bought nuts and mini avocados.
planted the polly tomatoes in the garden and showed Moira how to water them.

the raven

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

writing this time on Moiras old computor, finaly got round to it as its so much easier writing it on the ipod using a blue tooth keyboard. the ipod is charging, so i had no choice, i could have waited offcoarse. it also took me a while to find the site as it seems Avast doesnt like wordpress, anyway im here now, ready to go.
As usual we went to Pepes on Friday night but this time we had not only Cerrie and Sonny, but Cerries mum and dad, Ian and his son Stuart and also Inger. i ended up mostly speaking to Cerries mum, Fran, we put the world to rights.
Saturday i worked most of the day while Moira worked on the house. we stayed in that night and feel asleep infront of the tele being kept warm by the spotlesly clean fire place, what a difference it makes.
Sunday we went to one of my favourite shops in Castello de Empuries to get cat biscuits for the street cats, organic liquid fertilizes for the tomatoes and to thyme was a lovely day if not a bit windy so we took a walk down the Muga to Empuria brava for a beer in Canela, they recognise us in there which is icredible as we only go about twice a year. that afternoon i got round to mowing our lawn and admired the flowers on the pea plants, new discovery, shredded bourganvillia keep the snails away.
today i, thanks to Cerries mum and dad being here, and being able to look after Sonny, i got my christmas masage/mot form Cerrie. hips where a bit wonky but everything else is fine, i can carry on being a gardener for one more year.