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Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Joanna forgot about me, the girl i speak Catalan and English too once a week, she has been working Thursdays so we changed it to Tuesday, last week she rememberd but this week she went to Figueres. i had a beer and then came home.
Swimming pool is still being contrery and not wanting to clear, at some point it will get itself sorted.
Friday as usual we went to Pepes, this time not only cerrie and Sonny but also Cerries friend, her friends daughter and sister, that Cerrie had met by complete chance on Roses beach.
Saturday i only had to work in the afternoon so before we went to the sweimming pool shop to buy more chemicals we went to Figueres market, its been a long time. In the afternoon we worked for a couple of hours then came home to throw the chemicals i had bought at the pool. that night we stayed in and fell asleep in front of the tele.
Sunday we went to Roses as there was a Roses fair at Roses, which involved no flowers anywhere, normally there is atleast one petel strewn on the floor as decoration somewhere. we met up with Cerrie and Sonny as there was games for kids to play. we went back to Pepes for a spot of lunch before comiing home to chuck more chemicals at the pool.

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Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

We had a few more days in La Gomera after my last blog, as the wednesday was my birthday, the reason we had picked that time of year to go. we spent it climbing to the top of the island then coming back down to the beach while checking out where exactly the restaurant that Inger and Irena had booked for us to eat in that evening. we found it, 20 minutes from where we where staying giving us time to have some beer on the balcony before we went. lovely meal, we ate inside, unlike the rest of the tourists that were eating outside, we have lived to long in Spain.
Thursday was going to be a day on the beach, but it was to hot, so instaed we went up the mountain again on the way to Playa de Santiago, playa de Santiago is ok but the drive there through what La Gomera is famous for was incredible. we were so lucky on Wednesday as we wouldnt have seen anything on our walk to the summit.
Friday we headed back to San Sebastion for the last night stopping at as many look out points as we could again in the mist walking through moss clad trees, we had our lunch at a bus stop sheltered from the wind looking out over a gorge that led to no where. San Sebastion hadnt changed, the hotel was a bit nicer this time, we ate in a traditional Gomeran restaurant then went for a beer in another bar before going back to the hotel.
Saturday was the day to travel home via Tenerife,and Barcelona. a part from the swimming pool being green nothing much had changed here either.
traveling away, mnakes you apreciate how much we have here, which is one of the reasons why i am so glad i went to La Gomera.
another eason for loving living here was the man came round yesterday to change our electrric meter over to a wifi one, he lives in the village, we know each other, he knocked 20kwts off our reading before putting everything back to 00000. 20 Kwts should be enouth to get the pool clean with the pump running for 24 hours.

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Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

My last night of being in my 40s waiting for the sunset from our balcony in Aleta, La Gomera. The last couple of days have been perfect, as usual the weekend started in Pepes but this time not only was Cerrie and Sonny with us but Maria and Steve as well.
Saturday morning we got up early, drove to. Barcelona airport then flew from there to Tenerife. Got a bus to the port then a ferry to La Gomera. Found our hotel in Sant Sebastian then went to eat.
Sunday we walked all round Sant Sebastian, picked up the higher car then drove to Agulo, we stayed in that night.
Monday was a serious walk, a climb of over 600 metres to find a botanical garden and information site. Then after a picnic. Back down to Agulo for a beer then another walk down another cliff to put my feet in the Atlantic. We ate in a traditional restaurant in Agulo that night.
Tuesday on the move again to Calera via Vallehermosa tonight we eat in after a swim in the sea.