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please let it rain

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Joanna Canceled today due to her doing hooliday cover, this week and next week, will just have to speak catalan to someone else instead.
the weekend was packed, we had paying guests and non paying guests in the shape of Cathy and John, they arrived Thursday night and the 2 girls from Barcelona arrived Friday night, staying for 2 nights.
The Friday night we ate at home as Moira had prepared loads the night before and it needed to be eaten, also it was the fiesta for St John, which normally means dancing to 4 in the morning. we went along had a lovely time but the DJ wasnt the best, he didnt know how to keep people on the dance floor, i left a 2 as i had had enough trying to dance to regeaton. not a bad idea though as i had to be in a garden working at 9.30 the next morning.
Saturday morning i worked while Moira did breakfast. when i got home we went up to Pepes for something to eat then home to take up position in the hammock, me that is, then to eat in Chez Luisette. which was much better this time then last time. Cathy loved it.
Sunday we went to a restaurant in Jonquera to meet up with Cathys family and to eat more. we got home just in time to go up to Pepes to meet up with Irena and her dutch guests so i could catch up on the drinking front and Cathy and John could eat more.
needles to say both Moira and I are shattered and need a rest from eating to much and drinking to much.

everythings going on wheels

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Its hot, its hot every where, although thankfully every now and then you get a slight breeze that feels like bliss.
it was a hot weekend, nothing like the one before, we didnt go to Pepes, instead we went to the curry club. Inger, Irena, Moira and I are going to buy a take away curry once a month, anyone can come. We got the curry from a bar in Santa Margarida, and it was as hot as we wanted, really good curry and as always Inger and Irena were the entertainment.
Saturday for once i only had one garden to do, oone that Moira could help me do. so we went to Figueres and then via decathlon to not buy a water bottle that filters the water, instead we bought on in Carrefour. Cerries mum and dad arrived that afternoon so we went up to Pepes for a drink with them after dinner.
Sunday we went for a walk along the prom in Roses as its an easy walk and it has the sea breaze. we took some beers to drink half way.

i dont want fusion plus

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

its hot, summer hot, July hot, to hot for June.
the weekend was a long one, Mick and Tracy turned up unannounced, as they were looking to buy a boat in Barcelona. Moira went for a drink with them at lunch time, then we met them in Pepes for a couple before going to the Zumba end of the year. that was Friday, the food wasnt the best in Chez luisette, which ias where the zumba meal took place, maybe because he had a lot of cooking to do. still wont stop us going there again.
Saturday i worked all day while Moira cleaned the house for guests coming. they arrived and went up to Pepes to eat. we went for an Italian in Peralada as there was music later on at Pepes and we wanted to pace ourselves. we managed to keep going to 4 in the morning, the band was Cerries friends that played last year, Mark payed for them to come over as it was Wendys 50th birthday.
Sunday Moira had to get up to do breakfast, when the guests had gone and we had got ourselves together we went to the beach for a snooze and to burn my back, which is something i never do these days.
Monday back to work.

fresh orange juice

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

its wednesday its hot, im having a beer while Moira is cooking rissoto, the cats are in the garden, and the swimming pool is finally clean for the time being.
this time last week the pool wasnt clear, clean or algea free. it took a super dose of floculant to sort it after adding probably far to much chlorine, you live and learn. it sorted itself just in time as this Sunday we had guests for the night. that was Saturday night, Friday night we went to Pepes with Cerrie and Sonny, you can tell its going towards summer as there was more people there eating then usual, which is good for Pepe. Saturday day i worked, pretty much all day, while Moira cleaned the house.
Sunday we went to the cherry fair at Terrades to buy cheese and a Persicaria, i hadnt wanted one before but seeing it in full flower in a clients garden i changed my mind. we also bought some cherries some to be eatern by us, some by the guests and some to spend the rest of their life in the fridge eventually going mouldy.
the guests arrived, a really nice couple, we hardly saw them,and then they went early the next day after Moiras breakfast.
Monday was fiesta in Barcelona which is why we had the guests on Sunday night, sadly it wasnt fiesta in Garriguella.
now it it is truly hot Zumba is starting to be a little bit like hard work as well as fun, when before it was fun.