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The bigger room

Monday, September 25th, 2017

It’s been a couple of weeks, the first week we had friends here and I just plain forgot the second week, which is white I am writing today instead of Tuesday as I know I will forget, or end up chatting to the B.N.B guests and then I have Joanna to talk to.
I can barely remember what we did the first weekend, Jenny and Lorna where here we probably went to Pepes, as we did this Friday night, at one point we ate in Chez Luisette but not sure if that was not during the week or the weekend, we also ate in Can Batlle. Last weekend we only ate at Pepes, Saturday I worked all day while Moira tidied up after the German couple. Sunday we went to the beach, not the best of days but perfect for us as neither of us were working.
I have treated the palm tree, decided to stop watering the tomatoes, chili curtain is getting bigger. Still playing the ukulele, broad beans have germinated and Zumbar has started again.