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The grumpy lady’s bar

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Christmas weekend. It started strongly as Pepe had gone to England so the bar was closed, we decided to stay in and have chips instead.
Saturday morning we went to the market then in the afternoon I worked a couple of hours, we feed the street cats, then got ready to go to the music in the church. A 5 piece brass band was playing music from the movies, that was the first half. We don’t know what they played the second half as we left to go and get a pizza in Roses and because the church was to cold and the pews too hard. Pizza was good though and as hoped we came home smelling of what we had eaten.
Sunday we got up to go to Carcassonne with Irena, we got there in time for lunch. We met Jonathan in the castles main square and he joined us for a pleasant dinner in the sunshine. Jonathan left, and we took a stroll round the rest of the castle grounds. Then back to the apartment to watch French tv and eat cheese melted in the badly working oven.
Christmas Day, Moira and I went for a walk after breakfast while Irena read her book. Christmas dinner was haggis which was handy as the oven really didn’t work very well. After dinner we watched Christmas films, we had found the change to original language button so we could understand what was going on.
Boxing Day Moira and I went to see if Sephora was open while Irena read her book, we came back to the apartment to hand the keys back and set of for home. We got here just gone midday time for a quick tour de garriguella as the house was freezing.


Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

what a week end, yin fact you could hardly call it a weekend as it started on Wednesday. the day of the constitution in Spain, which means a national holiday, but not in France as France isnt in Spain. we went to France, its become a tradition to go to Auchan on the 6th of December to buy stuff we cant get here,w when infact we can get pretty much all we need here, but its what we do.
Thursday was the village holiday, every village has one in the winter and ours was this Thursday, i helped Moira do one of her gardens then did ours for the rest of the day until we went to Sonny Joes birthday party. He was five, Cerries mum and dad had come out for ther party as well, we had nice time, Pepe made some canopeis.
Friday was the day of the immaculate conception, so another national fiesta, we spent this one going for a long walk with a flask of soup as it was a colder then normal day, as have been most of the days so far in December. thast night we went to Pepes.
Saturday i was working and Moira was going to do a christmas market, but she had a cold and it was windy, and then when we got there to set up, there was nobody around, so i dropped her home to recover and went of to work.
Sunday Moirea did do a christmas fair as it was much better advertised then the one on Saturday while i did the tour of the bunkers, a girl in the village has written a book on the bunkers of Garriguella, and every now oand then she does a small tour ending up in the cooperativa for some wine tasting. its all in catalan which is getting less and less of a problem. i had a lovely day, Moira sold one pair of earings.mascapone

cloud hunting

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Auchan day, every 6th of December is Auchan day, although now its more like Leroy Merlin, Sephora and Auchan day. we spent lots of money and still managed to come away without enough to make a full meal.
6tyh of December is a national holiday in Spain but not in France.
The weekend went back to the normal Pepes for Friday night with Cerrie and Sonny, the outof town bar is now closed for the winter so there was more people this Friday, not that maby but definetly more, Pepe has also put the fire in there again so its warmer in his bar then it is at home.
Saturday morning i didnt work, it was blowing a gail, so we put the work off to this Saturday, in the afternoon i worked. we still had time thought to go to the market in Figueres and get veg.
Sunday it was still blowing a gail but not as strong as Saturday. Moira had a stall in the local English bar, local as in Santa Margarita. she did really well, has payed for Auchan day. i went for a walk while she was working, coming back everynow and then for a beer.