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Paneer or holoumi?

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

It’s raining, in fact it’s been raining pretty much all day, while the rest of Catalunya has snow.
Friday night we went to Pepes for the usual
Saturday we went to Roses to by a doorbell, the car was over heating so on the way to the doorbell shop we popped into a garage, they had a look at the car, there was a leak in the cooling system, they ordered the piece they thought they needed and filled the cooling system up with water so as we could get home. We got the doorbell but forgot everything else that we had gone to Roses for. We got the car home and after I had topped it up again the car got me to the garden I was doing and back. That night we had Cerrie, Sonny, Irena and Inger over for haggis, just because we had the haggis and it needed eating. At 10.00 we went to the bar as the garriguella carnival was going up the high street, every year it gets bigger with more floats. Irena and Inger went home and I went its Cerrie and Sonny to the school hall for a bit of a dance.
Sunday was Ranxo, everyone form around garriguella goes to the school hall to eat salad, a rice stew and Brunyols. Also to drink quite a lot, we loved it, even though I have to take my own rice stew.
I am now waiting for the garage to ring me to tell me the car has been fixed so I can go and pick it up and pay.

chocolate bar wrapper

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Weve decided aki pellets are no good. Which is a shame as they are the easiest to get, and we are going through another cold spell.
Back to normality a bit with the weekend. Friday night was Pepe’s night with Cerrie. Saturday Moira helped me to a garden and the in the afternoon I did a bit to my garden. Annoyingly I discovered that the palm tree had been got again by the palm weevil sometime last year,my fault as I had cut back on the amount of times I was treating it. That night we stayed in and wayhed a DVD infront of the fire.
Sunday was an almost lovely day so we packed up a picnic and went for walk to the beach through aiguamols to see the flamingos. Half way to the beach is the bench Mum made it to before she had to turn back. It was mums bench, every time we go to aiguamols, it reminds me of her and gets a smile. Simple things.
Monday was Gralla class, I learnt a new tune which I planed to remember to practice later after Zumba. After Zumba I couldn’t remember the new tune.

the mouse room.

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

something happened tuesday night, because i woke up Tuesday morning as if a weight had been lifted, but not really a weight because that signifies a burden nor did i have a sence of relief. it was probably something to do with standing up infront of 90 people and telling them how i felt about my mum, something i had needed to do since the 18th of January, the best explination i can come up with, is it was something like having a fairy born your my head.
it was a weekend i probably will not forget, so little need for documenting it.

a sequin and a smile

Friday, February 9th, 2018

What a week. The weekend seems like age ago. Its been a rollercoaster ride of emotions since Friday
Friday night was the bar as usual, I read Cerrie my speach then apologised as she cried.
Saturday I worked pretty much all day, then we stayed in and ate something from the recipe book that mum bought me for Christmas. I can’t tell her I also can’t tell her that the kitchen is now warm enough to sit in now the pellet burner is up and running.
Sunday I worked in our garden catching up with myself. Moira thinks I am working to hard, no more then usual I’d say.
Monday at Zumba I told someone about mum then had something Lima an anxiety attack while trying to learn the new steps
Tuesday night was Joanna, she’s easy to talk to even in Catalan.
Wednesday night the gralla. The moment I can play one tune I will buy my own.


Thursday, February 1st, 2018

i have been busy, which has helped, we are getting a pellet stove installed. its actually installed, it took Bruno and Jose a day and a half to set it all up, they fiitted us in inbetween jobs. now we are waiting for a man to come from Girona to check it, get it running and give us a garantee. we should be able to finally use it tomorrow night, just as we go out to Pepes, which is handy as 15 days of cold has been forcast.
Last weekend as usual we went to Pepes, Isabel and Stewart where there, they bought the derinks as i had popped round to there house a few times to check on their alarm. they were going to pay for the food as well, but that was just a bit much.
Saturday we went shopping in the morning for pipes for the stove then i worked in the afternoon, with Moiras help.
Sunday was a nice day, we went for a walk from Llanca to the light house at Port de la selva, bumping into Isabel and Stewart on the way, beer and peanuts at the light house then we walked back.
one of Jesuses clients, an English lady that has lived in the village for over 20 years and in Catalunya for a lot more then that, came round on Friday night before we went out to give me an essential oil mix she had made for me, i had told her that mum had died. i am taking it, maybe its just the placebo effect,or because she had driven to our house late on a wet, cold Friday night to give me the mix, but i like to thionk its helping.
i am also learning to play the Gralla, a catalan instrument of very few notes. its a reed instrament and not easy to get a sound out of it. getting there though