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The jet washer

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Time to write the blog, been a busy week, what with Graller practice and all that.the weekend started as it always starts in Pepes after a short visit to see Inger and I Rena on Ingers terrace.
Saturday I worked all day and we also had people staying that night, a nice French couple that spoke fluent English. Sunday I went off to do a couple of hours of work while Moira tidied up the house after the French couple left.
Monday night was Graller practice and then straight on to Zumba, Tuesday night I had Joanna, Wednesday night I had nothing to do but then I worked an extra hour for Jesus, then went to do half an hour in a garden in the village. Then tonight I cycled to Marca because Moira had the car, for more Graller practice.
The palm tree needs spraying

The fallen almond tree

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

It’s winter again, rained pretty much all day today as well as all day Sunday, watered the tomatoes in though.
Last weekend started Friday night in the pizza restaurant, Peralada, it was our 22nd wedding anniversary.
Saturday I worked most of the day while Moira shopped and took delivery of 32 sacks of pellets for the stove. We stayed in that night.
Sunday was so bad that the walk we had planned to do turned into a trip to various supermarkets and a hardware shop that I like to go to. On the way home we popped in to Ingers to pay her as she had ordered our pellets on the order for her pellets and payed for the lot, also she had Vogt some beer in for us, so it would have been rude not to visit her. That night we put the fire on for the first time for a week.
Suggested Fly me to the moon, to the Gralla group and they loved the idea, not going to be easy making it sound Jazzy on the Gralla.