on growing a beard

February 25th, 2015

i won again, last nights pool competition, it was a knockout, i got lucky with who i had to play, and then they all seemed to pot the black in the wrong pocket.

Moira has been London and St Albans, selling jewellery, shes back tonight

the weekend went well, when it wasnt windy. Friday night we went up to Pepes with Mark and Wendy.

Saturday, as usual market day. then home for a light snack as we were going for an early pizza and then to see fifty shades of grey. as usual Irene made the perfect comment. the film was Ok, not brilliant, she stole the film from him.

Sunday we went to Almadrava walking from Roses, where we go when its that windy. then back to Roses for a beer, just as Mark and Wendy passed by in their car, they stopped for a drink as well in the sun hidden from the traumontana, looking out over the bay of Roses, perfect.

Jesus had his operation, it went well, we know have to see how it affects his Lupos.


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  1. Graham Laurie Says:

    So Irene reckoned Interstella was awful but 50 shades was ok?

    Terrible taste in movies. You can tell her that from me.

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