dig for victory

November 17th, 2015

Sparrow has discovered he can sit on my lap while i am on the computor, luckily ife used to do it so i am skilled in typing with one hand, stroking the cat and reaching for the can of beer with the other.

the weekend went well, lovely and sunny we found a beach we had never been to before called Rocs Blancs (white rocks) beautiful place and a nice stroll to get there, we took soup to eat as a picnic but it was to sunny for soup so we just drunk the beers then came home.

saturday morning i worked, then did a little bit in our own garden the evening we went to do culture. there was classical music being played by a group of proffesional musicians in the church. as well as all the old people in the village me Moira and Cerrie and sonny joe went along. Sonnyjoe didnt like the opera singer as the music hurt his ears. we listened to most of it but left when they started on mozarts magic flute.

friday night me Moira, Lydia and Joana went for a curry in Figueres. Joana had never had a curry before im not sure she liked it. the rest of us did. one course english one course spanish.

just been for another check up at the dentist, its getting better

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