Baked potatoes

November 24th, 2015

My first blog on the iPad, seems to work, typing is a bit awkward though.

its now officially cold, Friday night I ate outside at Pepes I was wearing a coat but still I was able to eat outside without feeling particularly cold and then Saturday happened. Traumontana, the temperature dropped about 15 degrees everyone at the market were wearing puffer jackets all the Catalans that is. It is usually sunny with Traumontana Saturday broke the rules. That evening I went to watch Barca play Madrid in the bar, basically went for the atmosphere the bar was packed, came home after the game and had warming spicy soup.

Sunday was anomaly traumontana day as it was sunny, I had wanted toto up to the antennas above Vilajuiga for ages it took me about an hour and a half, coming back via Pepes for a congratulate myself beer.

that afternoon I went to Figueres to collect Moira form the train as she had been with Tina and John near Geneva, selling her jewellery. She did quite well, better then

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