A cherry moon

April 26th, 2016

What a strange start to the week. The light in the bedroom we talk 4 light bulbs at once, and today my mobile decided to get a virus and now does nothing except show me a sad face on a blue background.
The weekend went well though, starting with Friday, as usual we went up to Pepes, this time to meet Sue and Bob. Carrie and Sonny where there, and also Jackie and the other Bob. They had had a nightmare renter in there house as where at Pepes for a stiff Brandy or 2. Pepes is Pepes, it’s where we go Friday’s and as always we had a happy, chatty night.
Saturday I worked pretty much all day which Moira had to drop me of, go and do the shopping then come and get me later. Moira had organized to go round to Irenas for a glass of wine at 7, se had bought some cheese, bread and Doritos. What was supposed to be one drink need up with us getting home at 10.30 the worse for wear for Irenas over generosity with her wine.
Sunday was windy, very windy, we went to Jonquera shopping center even though it wasn’t raining via a garden center as I needed to get compost and basil seeds. Moira bought some shoes, I tried an aftershave that I thought I liked but was wrong Moira thought it smelt of rotten oranges. We came home then did the tour de Gariiguella, as usual via Pepes for a refreshment.
This afternoon we went to Figueres, to ask how my broken pump was, not yet fixed, do something about the light in the bedroom, 4 new light bulbs and starters bought, and to see if someone could get rid of the virus on the phone, it seems it’s possible. Will take the phone to Figueres sooner or later to get sorted.

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