Congratulations Robbie and Emma.

May 10th, 2016

And it rained and it rained. Except Saturday, the start of the Temps de Flors in Girona, which was perfect, as it was forecast to rain the Sunday which meant everyone went Saturday and it was packed and hardly anyone went Sunday so there was hardly any queues and we got to see pretty much everything we wanted to see. It was a good year this year. What more we had a curry in a really good Indian restaurant. It was packed so they squeezed us next to a Spanish mother and Daughter from Majorca, there English was perfect and was surprised that Moira and I spoke Spanish as they spoke such good English because the English immigrants that live in Majorca didn’t bother to learn the language.
Friday night was the usual but this time just with Cerrie and Sonny, which actually was really nice as I hadn’t a chance to chat with Cerrie for ages. Saturday I worked all day so we stayed in for the evening so as to be ready for Girona the next day.
It didn’t rain this morning but it’s raining again now, got beer traps all around my newly planted tomatoes and courgettes.

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