There are no Dutch in Holland

June 22nd, 2016

I couldn’t write the blog yesterday as it was Sonny Joes first school show, it went on for ages but was very entertaining, sweet to see the older kids singing in English
The weekend went as planned to a point. Friday night we went up to Pepes just us this time. We got home before the thunderstorm.
Saturday I worked all day, while Moira was trying to sell her jewellery in the garden of Chez louisette with a few other stalls. She did ok, I joined her once I had finished what I was doing. At 9 we packed up and went up to Pepes again as Moira’s aerobics class was having a dinner. I chatted to Rocky a German builder while Moira went and sat with the girls.
Sunday we went to L’Escalla to buy dad a far there day card in a shop that we discovered had shut and go for a bit of a wander, we got a card in the end, and also had a bit of a Andre. On the way home we stopped in on a expats bar on the beach. O be honest it was nicer then I had imagined, they speak Spanish for example. Finally we made it home to sit in the sun, chop wood prune a few things water the garden, then lay in the hammock for a minute of 2.

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