July 19th, 2016

What a day, actually what a weekend. Starting with today, this morning I was lugging heavy stones around and then placing them neatly in a garden in Port deal Selva, alright while the drenalinis running, but I was knackerd afterwards. Got home and had to go and make sure Sues pool was ok as I am looking after it for the summer and it has been a nightmare the last 2 years, this year touch wood alls going well so far. Then home to change the old swimming pool pump for a new one, which has been successfully completed.
Friday night was when the old pump broke down, we had been to Figueres with Lidia and a friend of hers to eat in a vegan restaurant that she recommended. It’s good not to hippy or holier then though, and not too expensive. I was driving so I be a aloevera beer which is ecological and biological and not bad to drink either.
Saturday on discovering the pump had bit the dust, we rushed of to do a garden I was looking after then to the swimming pool shop. The options were get a new one or get the old one fixed, we decided on getting a new one as we had no idea how old the old one was and the cost of the repair was going to be nearly the price of a newer mad economical pump. We then went shopping.
That night Inger invited us all over for loads to eat on her roof terrace. As well as Inger there was Irena, Diane and Stuart and Tina and John, lovely evening.
Sunday after having a swim to move the water around in the pool we went to see Diane and Stuart in the new home, then up to see Pepe in his bar, nothing special just a lazy Sunday, came home to move the swimming pool water around a bit again.
Monday Moira and Inger went to ikea.

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