8 0’Clock

July 26th, 2016

Got the sprinkler watering the lawn while I write, why did I never get one before, admitedly it waters a bit more then the lawn as no lawn is perfectly round. Still it’s so hot at the moment it’s really needed otherwise what I like to convince myself is a lawn will dry up instantly. Then I will carry on writing as I am filling up the swimming pool and squashing mosquitoes.
The weekend, different at times, Friday night we went over to Olivia’s for a pizza to meet Diane and Stuart, her son and Inger, we stayed longer then was planned.
Saturday we worked a bit then shopped a bit, nothing different there. Then came home to relax again nothing different. That evening was a night market at Pau and Moira had booked a place, she sold some jewellery, to people who bought some before but it’s all money. We left early, at midnight, as by that point nobody was buying anything except beer.
Sunday we had Ian and Dolors and there girls over, they haven’t been here since I left Projardi, for loads of reasons. We also invited Sonya and Max and their girls as well. The pool has never seen as much action. It was really nice every one got on and I believe every one had a nice time. The pool didn’t take much cleaning afterwards, just a bit of filling up. We will definitely keep in better touch with Ian and Dolors, it’s been so long that they didn’t hadn’t heard Moira speak Spanish.

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