Pomegranate margarita

March 15th, 2017

Well we have internet again, and thanks the cables being stolen the phone company has had too put up new and better cables which we have now have a grand 4 mb of internet speed, as opposed to 2.5mb.
I cant rightly remember what i did the week i couldn’t write the blog last weekend, i can remember last weekend though, we went to London. It was Sarah’s birthday on Saturday, we flew Saturday morning which meant we could go to Pepes on Friday with Inger and her son, having been to the Italian in Perelada on thursday with Irena, Mick, Tracy, Cerrie, Pepe and Sonny.
After Sarah’s party, where we had a Lovell time, a bit awkward at first as we didn’t no any body a part from imidiat family. We have been away for 10 years. Until Sarah’s sister introduced us to Sarah’s neighbour who comes from Spain, excuse to speak spanish. We left about 12ish and went to meet Dan and Paolo in a bar near theirs which pretty much closed as we arrived.
Sunday was a pub lunch day with Dan, Paolo and Graham as every one else had called of due to massive hang overs from the night before.
Monday i came home, a long day traveling carrying yeast flakes so as i can try and make vegan cheese.
Today the chimney sweep came round but couldn’t sweep anything as the the fire place had disconnected itself from the flue, luckily it’s not cold at the moment. It explains why the fire place wasn’t working very well and the upstairs bathroom was smelling of smoke
Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.

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