thank god for mother nature shes a single women too

September 12th, 2007

jock and irene are on there way, they should be landing very soon.

Moiras back i went to pick her up from the airport, monday night, the N11 is closed around Girona from 9 in the evening till 7 in the morning.

im going to meet the builder that is working on the vets house in the cafe colon at 7.30, jazz is going to introduce us and translate while we show him what we want doing, hed arranged it all, Jazz that is, and told me about it sunday night when i went into the cafe colon for some goats cheese salad and chocolate cake. could this mean that things a getting going.

it was Catalan national day yesterday (september 11th), another day off, we went for a walk, did a bit of this and a bit of that. moiras happy with how her office looks now ive painted it, we just need to sort the floor out. that evening we went to the bar and got sort of chatting to the owner, the one who has an english girlfriend, who it turns out is a shiatsu person and she is going to do some work on moiras back tomorrow afternoon. he is trying to learn english so im going to give him the teach yourself english thingy i got from the newspaper. it took us years to get to know the landlord of the nearest pub in Shinfield street.

i didnt need to ring an electrician it started working again when it felt like it after a brief siesta.

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  1. jonathan Says:

    So now you know what it is like to get lost on or around the N dos. I feel much better now.Stick to the Autovia – faster, no radar and not closed in the evening. See you in October.

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