stone roses

September 24th, 2007

well that was the last of the summer guests. we have drunk quite a lot this weekend. its been a bit strange being on peoples holidays but actually not really being on holiday ourselves if that makes scense, infact its been quite hardwork but a lot of fun aswell. we have probably eaten out more these last 2 months then we did in the whole year last year, maybe not but you know what i mean.

Frame, mells boyfriend angle grinded the swirls off the balconies for us, he loved it, i had him chopping up wood aswell but his technique wasnt up to it so i took over, he loves his music and with any luck he is going to send me some, but as we all know what you say on holiday loses significance once you get home to the old grind.

the electrician has just been round to change one of our fuses, and the man from the wood burniing stove shop has rung and he has done a quote for us, which i think we are just going to go ahead with and get it done. the builder also came round, ranted on a bit about socielists said he could make the windows in the dinning room into doors drunk a beer then left. the ball is finally rolling.

ive just sent mell off with my last ever self assesment form, just got to pay my tax for last year then thats it, might even stop paying national insurance aswell, who knows.



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