dumping at the dump

September 29th, 2007

just come back from the bar as i have read the gardening mag that i went in there to read. Moiras on here way to new york she left last night and had a stop over at Dan and Paulos, she is away for the week.

i went into Figueres this morning mainly to try and buy bulbs which i have since been told arrive in october, its to early, i did manage to get some freesias though in Aki and posts so i can put up the hammock, that is tommorows job, apart from going into Figueres and checking what time the Gestore is open and buying cat food and plants etc, todays job was to finnish of preserving moiras office doors and paint black the grill over the small window by the washing machine. also i had to sweep up the mess the traumontana caused this week it was pretty much three days of pretty heavy wind the lettuces im growing have been really battered and not in the deep fried pizza way. going to have to grow some wind breaks.

Arials grandmother was a victim off a robbery last week. Arial said that he had seen a honda jeep drive up and down his road and along the fields of the back of the houses opposite. His grandparents live across the road from him and his aunt and uncle a couple of doors up. like a good citizen Aurial took down the number of the jeep. 2 days later he saw the jeep again while in his garden and mentioned it to his neighbour, while this was going on they heard some loud barking and saw a couple of what he called gypsies running towards there jeep weighed down by quite a few plants for smoking as he descreetly put it. they had stolen them from his granny who apparently grows them because she likes the look of them and then throws them away at the end of every year. they couldnt call the police because growing plants that one smokes has been illegal here since Spain joined the european union.

going to try and make humus again.

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  1. mom Says:

    Adam you made me laugh about the plants because I don’t know that I would know if what I was growing could be illegal so dont send me seeds

  2. mom Says:

    There was a good reciepe for Celeriac soup with truffle cream in the sunday paper to day which I might make as they have some cheap celeriac in tescos at the minute let you know how it goes

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