Irena and Ingers road trip

October 3rd, 2017

I wouldn’t be writing this, I should be on strike, well actually not strike, I should be having a pause, which is fair enough, to highlight the guardian civil violence on Sunday during the Catalan referendum for Catalans. That was Sunday, we went to vote but even though we pay taxes in Catalunia we were not allowed to give our opinion, Irena had a go at the Mayeres with the support of Inger, then we went to eat in Carmens. Later on I popped back to see what was going on but everything was closed and voting stopped as the Catalan Police had heard that the Guardia civil were on there way. As expected the Yes vote won.
Friday night we went to Pepes as Diane and Ian where here for 2 weeks, Irena and Inger come along as well for Pepes chicken curry, but Pepe had gone to funeral and there was no curry on the menu.
Saturday I worked all day it’s handy and somewhat annoying that there isn’t any where on the way home, to spend what I earn while working on Saturday, saves money I suppose.
That leaves today a general pause, so I worked a little so as not to work all day Saturday, also giving me time to do something in our garden.

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