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October 18th, 2017

We have just had a visit from Cerrie and Sonny, now Pepe is back in the bar across the road we will probably see more of them.
Last week was a bit manic what with fiestas and having Fiona and Malcom staying. The weather was perfect, the best they have had while out here. Warm enough to eat most nights on the balcony.
This weekend was a bit quieter, no guests paying or not paying. As Pepe is now in the bar across the road we went to meet Cerrie and Sonny there, we went for a bit of a walk first as we like the walk to the tortoise bar.
Saturday I got to go to the market for the first time for ages. We sorted out Moira’s mobile, bought some peanuts and a new pair of walking trainers for me. I worked in the afternoon, and we stayed in that night after meeting Inger in the bar for a couple before dinner.
Sundaywas the tour de art in Castello de Empuries which we tend to go to every year. There is always a new building to see into and this year wasn’t a disappointment, Inger came with us as she knew one of the artists.

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