The white patio

October 24th, 2017

The bidet has started leaking, it decided to start leaking on Sunday which meant we could do nothing about it. I kind of sorted it, and today after work we went to get new taps. The man in the shop had never seen bidet tapes so old, and didn’t have replacements. Next stop is see what the plumber says, the plumber that lives round the corner.
Friday night we went to Pepes but like last week Pepes across the road and like last week we went for a bit of a walk first.
Saturday Moira came to help me work in the morning so I could get it done quicker. Then in the afternoon I worked for a couple of hours. We stayed in and had curry.
Sunday a part from the bidet starting to leak, we had to get up early as Moira had BnB guests, they left at 8.30, we had something to eat, looked at each other and said, now what do we do? We went for a short walk to the white chapel on the hill that Moira had never walked too then home to try and do something about the bidet, bit of gardening, reading and peanut butter making.
This week I have been pruning and pruning as Jesus has got a new client and we want to make a good impression. Going well so far.

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