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November 1st, 2017

Fiesta… all saints day… time to eat sweet chestnuts, and dress up an evil elf.
that was last night, when i dressed up as an evil elf for the village halloween party.
the weekend seems ages ago, it went as usual, we met Cerrie and Sonny in Pepes town bar Friday night. i worked most of Saturday, we met Inger in Pepes town bar for a drink as it was her birthday. then home to watch Spanish tele even though Moira has bought British Tv, i havent got round to setting it up, still havent, maybe tonight. Sunday was the day to celebrate Ingers birthday, we went to St Marti de Empuries as she had never been there before and she had also reserved a table in the main square of the very small and old village. i was the designated driver, i had offered to be it. we went for a bit of a walk along the prom a beer in a hotel that Moira loves then back to the restaurant for a prety good meal. Irena couldnt make it as her leg was really hurting her and dhe didnt feel she could sit down iont he same spot for too long. we popped in on her on the way home for another drink.
Monday and Tuesday i worked but today was fiesta so we went to the butterfly park with Cerrie and Sonny as Irena had one a family ticket at the beginning of the summer and today was the first day we all had free to go along. glad i have been, could live with not going again.

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