Not generally pausing

November 8th, 2017

English tele is up and running, just in time for the cold nights in by the fire, which is well and truly being put on. Heating hasn’t gone on yet though, pssobly because Moira is working on fixing up the house again after the summer as moving around a lot.
The weekend went as usual Friday night at Pepes with Cerrie and Sunny, but this time it was Monica’s 16th birthday, Pepes daughter, so she was there with Pepes mum, Pepe ate with us as well. Monica spent most of the time on her phone, probably telling her friends how bored she was.
Saturday I worked pretty much all day with a bit of help from Moira in the afternoon. We stayed in and watched xfactor for the first time this year.
Sunday it was really windy so, when it’s really windy we go to Roses, as Roses is protected from the North wind. We took some soup and beer ad had a lovely walk along a bit of coast line that we haven’t walked along for ages. We bumped into inane and her daughter Lucy on the way home, they where meeting Inger in the cooperative that afternoon. We went along as well, Irena turned up as well. We stayed for a couple and came home to a curry.
Still haven’t fixed the bidet, and also have locked myself out of online banking, will sort the banking in England if I can be bothered.

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