Very expensive jubilee clips

November 17th, 2017

Friday evening, it’s been a bit of a week with the weekend stuck on first. Moira had a Christmas fair to go to in a bowling club near where we used to live Saturday and Sunday. Took the opera unity of cheap flights to go with her, but first I went up to Norwich to see the Lawrences, had a lovely time catching up. Saturday I went down to London after a walk round Norwich with Betty, to meet up with Moira and Dan and Paulo to have a curry. The first curry of 4 that weekend. Sunday I went with Moira to the bowling club nod to meet up with Sarah, after another curry Sarah bought quite a lot of Moira’s Jewellery. That night we went for the third curry with Thuy and Graham.
Monday I made my way home to be picked up at Figueres by Inger, we went for a drink then I went home for the fourth curry that had been left in the freezer for me.
Tuesday evening I went to the supermarket then to pick up Moira from the train station as she had stayed a day longer.
Wednesday we went to steps as we didn’t go to Zumba, it’s harder then Zumba but less fun.
Thursday I went with Moira to Figueres, she was meeting up with Lidia, I went to get my eyes tested and finally buy myself some reading glasses, even though I don’t need them as I can read without them, it’s a bit complicated.

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