Waiting for the rain to come

November 29th, 2017

Loving my new reading glasses, Moira thinks they are a bit black, she is probably right. I had no idea what I was doing while buying them, as I generally wear what ever pair of sunglasses that I have found lying around, so wasn’t prepared for having to choose a pair of glasses that suited me.
They definitely help though, even though technically I don’t need reading glasses, they really help when my eyes are tired like tonight
We have had guests for the last 2 nights, they were gong to stay 4 nights but luckily it was a bit to cold for her, she really wanted to be in a hotel in Barcelona not a small village in the middle of no where. He had been here before so knew what to expect.
The weekend, Friday night was curry club night, held at our house this time, as well as Inger and Irena, Maria came and Ingers son who was here for the weekend.
Saturday we both sort of worked as Moira had a stall in the Anglican churches Christmas fair. She did ok, everything was going well until a man got up to sing, bless him he meant well. After him the place became empty and never really picked up again. Every time we go to a new fair they all say, it was much busier last year.
Sunday I did work, Moira helped me tidy up then we went to Jonquera to get Moira some new glasses by shear luck, on Black Friday weekend when all glasses were 40% off. I took the opportunity to get more mixed nuts as they are much cheaper in the Jonquera outlet. We then spent the rest f the afternoon looking for frozen peas and not being successful we did find a place that sold cans of beer for 24 centimos each.

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