The grumpy lady’s bar

December 27th, 2017

Christmas weekend. It started strongly as Pepe had gone to England so the bar was closed, we decided to stay in and have chips instead.
Saturday morning we went to the market then in the afternoon I worked a couple of hours, we feed the street cats, then got ready to go to the music in the church. A 5 piece brass band was playing music from the movies, that was the first half. We don’t know what they played the second half as we left to go and get a pizza in Roses and because the church was to cold and the pews too hard. Pizza was good though and as hoped we came home smelling of what we had eaten.
Sunday we got up to go to Carcassonne with Irena, we got there in time for lunch. We met Jonathan in the castles main square and he joined us for a pleasant dinner in the sunshine. Jonathan left, and we took a stroll round the rest of the castle grounds. Then back to the apartment to watch French tv and eat cheese melted in the badly working oven.
Christmas Day, Moira and I went for a walk after breakfast while Irena read her book. Christmas dinner was haggis which was handy as the oven really didn’t work very well. After dinner we watched Christmas films, we had found the change to original language button so we could understand what was going on.
Boxing Day Moira and I went to see if Sephora was open while Irena read her book, we came back to the apartment to hand the keys back and set of for home. We got here just gone midday time for a quick tour de garriguella as the house was freezing.

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