February 1st, 2018

i have been busy, which has helped, we are getting a pellet stove installed. its actually installed, it took Bruno and Jose a day and a half to set it all up, they fiitted us in inbetween jobs. now we are waiting for a man to come from Girona to check it, get it running and give us a garantee. we should be able to finally use it tomorrow night, just as we go out to Pepes, which is handy as 15 days of cold has been forcast.
Last weekend as usual we went to Pepes, Isabel and Stewart where there, they bought the derinks as i had popped round to there house a few times to check on their alarm. they were going to pay for the food as well, but that was just a bit much.
Saturday we went shopping in the morning for pipes for the stove then i worked in the afternoon, with Moiras help.
Sunday was a nice day, we went for a walk from Llanca to the light house at Port de la selva, bumping into Isabel and Stewart on the way, beer and peanuts at the light house then we walked back.
one of Jesuses clients, an English lady that has lived in the village for over 20 years and in Catalunya for a lot more then that, came round on Friday night before we went out to give me an essential oil mix she had made for me, i had told her that mum had died. i am taking it, maybe its just the placebo effect,or because she had driven to our house late on a wet, cold Friday night to give me the mix, but i like to thionk its helping.
i am also learning to play the Gralla, a catalan instrument of very few notes. its a reed instrament and not easy to get a sound out of it. getting there though

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