a sequin and a smile

February 9th, 2018

What a week. The weekend seems like age ago. Its been a rollercoaster ride of emotions since Friday
Friday night was the bar as usual, I read Cerrie my speach then apologised as she cried.
Saturday I worked pretty much all day, then we stayed in and ate something from the recipe book that mum bought me for Christmas. I can’t tell her I also can’t tell her that the kitchen is now warm enough to sit in now the pellet burner is up and running.
Sunday I worked in our garden catching up with myself. Moira thinks I am working to hard, no more then usual I’d say.
Monday at Zumba I told someone about mum then had something Lima an anxiety attack while trying to learn the new steps
Tuesday night was Joanna, she’s easy to talk to even in Catalan.
Wednesday night the gralla. The moment I can play one tune I will buy my own.

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