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February 21st, 2018

Weve decided aki pellets are no good. Which is a shame as they are the easiest to get, and we are going through another cold spell.
Back to normality a bit with the weekend. Friday night was Pepe’s night with Cerrie. Saturday Moira helped me to a garden and the in the afternoon I did a bit to my garden. Annoyingly I discovered that the palm tree had been got again by the palm weevil sometime last year,my fault as I had cut back on the amount of times I was treating it. That night we stayed in and wayhed a DVD infront of the fire.
Sunday was an almost lovely day so we packed up a picnic and went for walk to the beach through aiguamols to see the flamingos. Half way to the beach is the bench Mum made it to before she had to turn back. It was mums bench, every time we go to aiguamols, it reminds me of her and gets a smile. Simple things.
Monday was Gralla class, I learnt a new tune which I planed to remember to practice later after Zumba. After Zumba I couldn’t remember the new tune.

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