Paneer or holoumi?

February 28th, 2018

It’s raining, in fact it’s been raining pretty much all day, while the rest of Catalunya has snow.
Friday night we went to Pepes for the usual
Saturday we went to Roses to by a doorbell, the car was over heating so on the way to the doorbell shop we popped into a garage, they had a look at the car, there was a leak in the cooling system, they ordered the piece they thought they needed and filled the cooling system up with water so as we could get home. We got the doorbell but forgot everything else that we had gone to Roses for. We got the car home and after I had topped it up again the car got me to the garden I was doing and back. That night we had Cerrie, Sonny, Irena and Inger over for haggis, just because we had the haggis and it needed eating. At 10.00 we went to the bar as the garriguella carnival was going up the high street, every year it gets bigger with more floats. Irena and Inger went home and I went its Cerrie and Sonny to the school hall for a bit of a dance.
Sunday was Ranxo, everyone form around garriguella goes to the school hall to eat salad, a rice stew and Brunyols. Also to drink quite a lot, we loved it, even though I have to take my own rice stew.
I am now waiting for the garage to ring me to tell me the car has been fixed so I can go and pick it up and pay.

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