pellets from Asturias

March 7th, 2018

Funny day today, after a really nice weekend. So nice that yesterday i was quite shattered, the rain didn’t help either. No today, my mobile decided to ring of it’s own accord 2 people with news.that I needed to know. In the morning it rung a client who while on the phone told me that his daughter was arriving the end of next week which meant I had to get the garden looking at least tidy. The in
the afternoon it rung Joanna, who again while on the phone told me that she couldn’t make this evening, which was a shame but just what I needed to know, so as I could work half an hour longer and getvan olive tree pruned. I not sure I believe in ghosts as such maybe the spirit does live on for a while after someone dies. Don’t know and not sure knowing would change the way I live my life, but It was a nice feeling thinking that it was my mun helping me out a bit.
Friday night we went to bar. Moira has got herself a Vale and was trying it out, she still feel she needs to go outside.
Saturday we shopped then I worked, then we watched a film in front of the fire
Sunday we went to Boadella to see how low the water level was on the dam. It was low, lower then we had seen it for years. We also went to see a building on the river that feeds the lake, that not only Jesus had told me to go and see but Inger as well. Interesting iglf you like swiss built hotel spars in the middle of the Catalan countryside

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